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September 2011 Weddings

Inspired by the siggy challenge poll

The huge frontrunner is save the dates/invitation inspiration... seems like that'll be our October siggy challenge, most likely.  Sadly that means I won't be able to play, but I'll live, lol.  Just wondering if most of you girls actually know what STDs or invitations you'll be using?? If so I'm impressed, and would like some recommendations for companies to look at!
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Re: Inspired by the siggy challenge poll

  • I have STD's from VP - we just did a postcard....

    Invites I am still collecting samples and soon going to start on quotes to see if I can DIY or at least part of it....
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    Sept 2011 Siggy Challenge: Favorite Ceremony Photo Anniversary


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  • Mine are no where near being done or designed. I plan to design all the paper products myself though. My STD's will get done after my engagement shoot, which is mid-October. I'll probably just put up an inspiration for now...
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  • I'm with you, OP, I have no idea what I'm doing yet.  Invites and STD's are miles away from today...I've got other things on my list to take care of yet.  lol

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  • I talked with an Etsy seller, AJDesigns, and she is designing all of my paper items.  They will have the same scroll work design on them.  The design will be the same color as the picture but the background will be light blue on some and chocplate brown on others.  I had so much fun with this because my FH was really into helping with it!  He really loved the green in the picture, and that is why we have added green to our color scheme!

    Reese, I'm with you!  I voted for reception site too!
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