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September 2011 Weddings

Honeymoon brainstorming!

So, FI and I are huge beer geeks-- we're actually on a little mission to get a pint glass from every brewery in Michigan (we're halfway there, lol).  We also don't like beach vacations.  So, I was thinking a trip that starts in Dublin, then London, then Belgium, and ending in Munich for Oktoberfest would be very us, with a chance to sample beers from around the world, and simultaneously visiting lots of European cities that are on my bucket list.  We get about 2 weeks paid vacation, so I think it's doable!

I wanted to ask if anyone has worked with a travel agent in the past? I'd really rather do this through someone experienced rather than organizing it myself.  Any good tips or experiences?
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Re: Honeymoon brainstorming!

  • I have used Liberty Travel for a vacation and had no problems with them.
  • suze68suze68 member
    I have used AAA travel and have adored our local lady there. She really knows her stuff and has gotten us great deals and given us incredible advice. I dont know if this is the norm, but we have never been disappointed.

    BTW - what a GREAT honeymoon... I would have to sell my kidneys <both of them /> to be able to do something like that
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  • AAA as in the insurance people? I'm a AAA member; I had no idea they did anything but, you know, be there for me when my tire blows out on the freeway, lol.
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  • LOL Suze...just don't sell the liver...you need that for the beer consumption!
    I have no advice, sorry! Just wanted to say your idea sounds like a blast!
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  • KOM11KOM11 member
    No advice on travel agents, but what a fabulous honeymoon, I studies abroad and went to all of them. They all have wonderful beerfests all the time and Oktoberfest is a blast!!! Exciting!
  • i'm sooo envious of you going to Oktoberfest!!!! i've been to Munich before and it is definitely one of my favorite European cities! 

    yes, AAA can definitely help you out more than just changing your flat tire... lol. i'm the type who like to plan everything herself, though! i do suggest you visit lonely planet's thorn tree forums, and ask some questions... often local people will answer your questions and i've found that i've gotten a lot more answers from them because they have actually been there or live there. once you get an idea of what you want to do, then you can go to a travel agent and say i want this and that. 

    HTH! GL in planning it!!!! 
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  • suze68suze68 member
    Kirsten - they do alot of travel stuff... and you get AAA discounts on hotels, flights, car rentals... all kinds of stuff. I love them :)

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  • omg Kirsten....if my FI knew I would LOSE my beach trip  :0) 

    we dont have anything booked but what a fun idea! (I am sooooo not a beer girl and am super lightweight!)
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  • Shhhhh.. don't tell FI or we'd be meeting you there!! haha

    Sounds great!  I too, have had success with Liberty Travel, but I always kinda go in knowing what I want too.

  • My worry is trying to plan transportation and just general knowledge of countries that I'm not familiar with.  When it comes to American vacations, I'm totally a priceline addict.  Thanks ladies :)
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