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Just booked it---NEW ORLEANS!

Hi all!

It's my first post on these boards...the fiance and I just booked our honeymoon!  We'd looked at New Orleans months ago (he has family there but hasn't been since he was little, and I've never been but ALWAYS wanted to), but airfare from Sacramento was REALLY expensive....so we were looking at Alaskan cruises (also looked fabulous!)  The problem was figuring out a decent budget, since we'd have to fly to Seattle for one of the less expensive cruises (we're--surprise!--paying for the wedding ourselves).

Then randomly last night, I looked up flights from Sac to New Orleans again and--woah!--half the price of last time!  So we made an impulse decision and just booked it!

We'll be in what is apparently one of the "most haunted" hotels in the city (Fiance doesn't believe but I think it's fun to get spooked by that stuff), although the resident ghosts are mostly giggling children and ladies dancing in the ballroom, supposedly.  We'll be right in the French Quarter and we got an absolutely fabulous deal.  I could not BE more excited!

We want to try lots of restaurants (Cafe du Monde for chicory coffee and beignets, of course!), see a few museums, listen to LOTS of music, and wander around.  Is anyone from/familiar with New Orleans?  Any suggestions to make our honeymoon in July really spectacular?  We're food, architecture, American history, and music nerds....also I'm dragging him on a ghost tour. ;)

Re: Just booked it---NEW ORLEANS!

  • Hey I'm from New Orleans.  You absolutely have to go Central Grocery and get a mufaletta.  They have the best in the city and they are right in the Quarter so you can most likely walk there.  Feel free to email me at [email protected] if you have any other questions. 
  • Oh how I absolutely love NOLA!  We went there in May and I can't wait to go back - we're hoping to go back within three years.  Just a very very very cool city.  You're going to have a blast!  What hotel are you staying at?  We were at Hotel Provincial in the French Quarter - many stories have been told of the haunts there, but were very happy in the end that we didn't encounter any.  ;)
  • we loved NOLA!  you will too, so much fun, good food, and the people are so nice!  just a warning, it is going to be SO HOT while you are there!  dress accordingly!  and i knnow sac is hot, but wait until you add the humidity!  yeesh!  we drove through NOLA in may after living in the dry heat of CA and it hits you like a slap in the face!  so worth it though :)

    eat crawfish!  and oysters (ACME oyster house had killer ones!)  and then  go to deanies and try the shrimp bbq.  uh.may.zing.  and then get a po boy some where with debris.  i want to go back just to eat all of the foods again!
  • If you are looking to eat a quick meal, check out Coop's. It's a little dive bar, but the food is awesome!
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  • I just went back to NOLA in May and we had a great time! We stayed at the hotel Duaphine and  it was a great little bar called May Baileys attached to it that was origianally a brothel. We also went to French 75,a cute 20's style bar. I also reccomen deanies as some one already said. We had a fantastic Dinner at Muriels which I believe is by Jackson Square. Muriels had a great and surprisingly affordable menu and our waitress told us all about the resident ghosts. At the Royal Sonesta Hotel there is a bar called Irvin Mayfeilds Playhouse and on Friday nights there is a free Burlesque show with Trixie Minx around midnight. I highly recommend this! It was one of the best parts of our trip and it was free! http://www.sonesta.com/RoyalNewOrleans/index.cfm?fa=misc.page&pageID=17798
  • I went to NOLA and had a blast except I hung my purse in the dressing room of a shop while trying on a dres and idiot me walked out and left it! I didn't remember till I started looking for the room key! I ran through the quarters like a mad woman! The clerk at the store had put it behind the counter and all was safe and sound! I went to Pat Obiens directly and ordered a hurricane (wonderful) and I felt much more at ease:) If you like history hit up some of the walking tours the guides normally know great stories about the city and makes it very entertaining! Good Luck and have fun!
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  • I live in New Orleans and it is SUCH a great city to visit!
    The things I'd recommend are of course the restaurants, (make sure to mention its your honeymoon usually you'll get free desserts) for good seafood thats moderately priced I'd try Bourbon House, sometimes the wait staff can be a little flighty but the food is amazing! For a great steak Dickie Brennan's Steakhouse or Shual's and for fish GW Finns. M Bistro in The Ritz-Carlton is phenomenal and if you go on a Thursday-Saturday Jeremy Davenport (a famous local Jazz musician) plays in the lounge which is open to the restaurant. Muriels (which someone mentioned above) is great I've gone there for my bday a few times. I'd say Drago's for oysters(much better than Acme) but from the looks of it there won't be any oysters next year.
    The WWII museum is great and so is the New Orleans Museum of Art (its small compared to most but its still very nice). I'd take a walk through Jackson Square during the day they have local artist selling their work and at night, they have tarot card readers and such. If you want a variety of music try Frenchmen Street, its a small street on the outskirts of the French Quarter with a ton of small music clubs, its where more locals go (bourbon is for tourists). But you must go to Pat O'Brien's on Bourbon St for a Hurricane, no one can visit Nola and not try them. Laffite's Blacksmith Shop is the oldest bar in New Orleans, its all lit by candelight and its a neat hang out with a piano bar (because Pat O's piano bar is always way too crowded).

    Hope this helps, if you have any questions email me...

    [email protected]
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