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September 2011 Weddings

nonwhite/ivory dresses

SO the dress I ordered came in and is gorgeous, however, its darker than I thought.  The color is listed as champagne, but really its like a light taupe/sand color.  I still like it and think it will be flatter to my complexion, but what do you all think of nonwhite dresses?  my mom is like not functioning over the idea of it! 

 I guess I would describe the color as when you put just alittle bit of coffee in your mug and tons of half and half.  Its very pretty but definitely not wedding white/ivory.  Opinions?

oh and happy -1 anniversay to all us 9/10/11 girls!
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Re: nonwhite/ivory dresses

  • I love nonwhite dresses! Its what im striving for and i think it will look fabulous in pictures! Im as white as bread so i welcome the color :)
  • it doesnt have to be white.

    can you see yourself on your wedding day wearing it?  is it THE dress?  if so, who cares what color it is?  GO for it!
  • My friends dress was silver, and it was gorgeous!

    How do YOU feel in it? is it THE dress?
    that is what matters,  its your day, if you love it, everyone else will too! and your mom will get used to the idea.
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    Two of my first top 3 (before I went to the shop I ended up buying my dress at) were not white or ivory. One was an oystery/blush color and one was a tanish color similar to what you're describing. My mom LOVED them and she is a very traditional mother.
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  • I will probably be going with ivory for my dress. I am very fair skinned and white clothes seem to wash me out so ivory will probably help my paleness!
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  • The color of your dress is totally up to you!! As long as you love it and feel amazing in it, it shouldnt matter. Hope to see a  pic soon!!
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  • I love my dress and it is definitely not ivory or white! The primary color is "latte" with "ivory" lace appliques. Bottom line, do what feels right to you! It's your day!

    TK isn't loading a picture, but here it is on their site:

  • I think non-white dresses are beautiful! As long as you are comfortbale in the dress and happy with it being your wedding drerss, I say go for it!
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  • In Response to <a href="http://forums.theknot.com/Sites/theknot/Pages/Main.aspx/wedding-club-boards_september-2011-weddings_nonwhiteivory-dresses?plckFindPostKey=Cat:Wedding%20Club%20BoardsForum:649Discussion:6a35a460-7172-452b-a2c4-488e4182dba3Post:a822d662-a5e7-4225-bfea-b62e9f734997">Re: nonwhite/ivory dresses</a>:
    [QUOTE]I love my dress and it is definitely not ivory or white! The primary color is "latte" with "ivory" lace appliques. Bottom line, do what feels right to you! It's your day! TK isn't loading a picture, but here it is on their site: <a href="http://www.justinalexanderbridal.com/en_us/8465.html" rel="nofollow">http://www.justinalexanderbridal.com/en_us/8465.html</a>
    Posted by nhand2206[/QUOTE]

    omg i saw that dress in a magazine ad and loved it! i don't know if it will work for me, but i am leaning towards getting a dress that has at least a little color in it.

    OP, if you love it, go for it!
  • I am having the same feeling!  The dress I really like is "spun gold" and I had my heart set on the traditional white.  But...I saw the dress in white and it lost so much of its appeal. Please I looked worse in white

    Advice to you...if you love the dress, ROCK IT!  It is not as though it is black, red, or an "actual" color.  For your mother-what is the difference if the dress was ivory?  That isn't white either.  At some point, ivory was unacceptable. Now champagne is the new ivory :)
  • I went with ivory becuse it went so well with my skin tone the white was so bright on me and made me look washed out. i  think you will look beautiful in it!
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  • If you love it and it is indeed THE dress then go for it!! It's your day!
  • One of my top two were ivory with a darker sash....and my mom liked it.  I felt it looked dark but honestly it didn't.  My other fear was the ivory wouldn't go with my colors but the gals at DB grabbed the wedding colors tangerine and watermelon and held the dresses up to mine and it looked great!

    And if you feel drop dead gorgeous who cares at the end of the day the guests will not know if your color was pure white, diamond white, off white, eggshell, white, ivory, etc....they will just know how great you looked!

    Here is my non-white dress I didn't get.  (can you tell if i didn't say anything?)


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  • I like the color you are describing. I have seen dresses in that color and would love to have that color. I hope I can find one I like.
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  • I have a champagne color dress with an ivory lace overlay and i love it.  I think all forms of white/tan are acceptable.  (nott that dresses in darker hues, like red and black aren't for some people, they just are completely 100% NOT my style.)  Go with what makes you feel happy and you feel good.


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