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September 2011 Weddings

ugh, the bliss of the long weekend has worn off

so I found out today that my bridesmaid who has been bending over backwards to help out with my shower, sent all the shower invites to "mr and mrs."  we aren't having a couples shower.... It is totally my fault b/c I sent her the wedding invite list and said "just invite the girls" when I really should've just edited the dang list to only list the female names and not the male names too....

Momzilla flipped a lid on this one...she hadn't been this upset over anything wedding related.  I called bridesmaid and told her it's a non issue in my mind (b/c, yes, it's a mistake, but I don't think it's the end of the world).  Well, my mom does.  I just got done listening to her scream at me about how terrible everything is and how everything is f'ed up... blah blah.

Can't we just go back to the happy holiday weekend?  normally I try not to let my mom get to me but jeebus she is acting like a loon!  and she doesn't see that she's totally irrational.  Yes, its a mistake, yes I'm bummed, but it's not the damm apocalypse!  I understand she wants me to have a nice shower but something is wrong when she cares about this a trillion times more than me... the drama she creates is just mind boggling.

Rant over...
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