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September 2011 Weddings

Weight Loss Checkin!

How's it goin ladies?

I forgot to post one yesterday... I was too excited about the fact that internet works in my house now :)

I'm doing okay.  I worked out on Sunday with my trainer and it was the first time ever in m life that ive gotten physically ill!  We were running bleachers, outside in the hot hot sun and it was really brutal.  I feel like my whole body system hasn't fully recovered yet! Oh well, its for a good cause :)

Re: Weight Loss Checkin!

  • I don't have a scale in my house and always forget to use the one at the gym but I have lost 8 lbs this summer! Wooho!
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  • I did yoga on Tuesday and then did the 20 minute shred Wednesday and yesterday.  3 days is better than none :)
  • KOM11KOM11 member
    I was really good int he beginning of the week - did a 3 mile walk on Sund and Monday and then I haven't done much. FI and I did go grocery shopping and I bought little to no snacks! And i've stuck to that pretty well throughout the week, so hopefully I'll stay on track this weekend too!
  • SandDDSandDD member

    Fitness wise I didn't really do anything, but I have maintained the weight loss from last week. My stomach actually feels flatter, so I'm staying motivated.

    My eating habits have been a lot better. Getting used to salads for lunch and not eating late has seemed to set in, which has helped maintain the number (even though I want to lose!!!)

    I actually purchased some extra at home fitness tools (I'm too budget-worried to join a gym just yet) but I got two wii games and another biggest loser DVD, so I'll let you know how those are!

  • Good job ladies! My official weigh in is Saturday, but I've done REALLY well this week... I peeked at the scale today and I was down 1.5lbs! Definitely kept to eating healthy, no stress eating, and exercised every day (even if it was just a walk with the dog).

    Weekends are the hardest for me, but I'm planning on staying active and making the best choices that I can!
  • Way to go Ladies!!
    Ugh with my terrible work schedule I haven't done enough lately.  Time to get back into the swing!
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    Slowly but surely I am getting back into a healthy lifestyle. II went to the gym last night and worked my butt off and I am pretty sore today! I plan on doing that more and more often. Plus my eating habits have started to change. Like today, everyone in the office ordered lunch from this cafe and most people got grilled cheese or burgers, but I just got a garden salad with grilled chicken and didn't use that much dressing. It was delicious - and very filling! Also I've stopped eating dessert after dinner (during the week) and I don't let myself eat anything after 8pm. Its tough, but it does help!

    Good luck, ladies!!!
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  • LonniPLonniP member
    Ugh I have been a slob all summer LOL! But next week after FI is off of night shift and gets back to a normal schedule we are both going to sign up at the gym. So I'm at the point now where I'm eating pretty much everything in sight and telling myself I'll buckle down next week! (Studying for my board exams is NOT helping things either. I eat constantly when I'm studying). Props to all of you ladies for your hard work!
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  • awww i'm feeling horribly guilty about this... FI and I have been soooo busy with unpacking and trying to get settled in, on top of that FI has his crazy a** thesis to worry about but i think we are doing OK with what we are eating... i think? :)

    We did make a pact to start exercising on August 1st... cos we are both in our friends' wedding on January 1st so we will have exactly 5 months to lose some serious weight... I'll let you know how that goes next week!

    keep up the great job, ladies!!!
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