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September 2011 Weddings

Went to a wedding this weekend... (long review)

It's such a different experience when you go to a wedding right in the middle of planning your own!  I think I noticed a lot more of the details than others might.  Just thought I'd share some things I liked/disliked...

- really pretty themeing and color scheme, they went all out on making everything match the theme (which I know a lot of people wouldn't appreciate but I did).
- centerpieces- gorgeous and all different!  Went along the same theme but no two were alike, nice touch
- coozies at the bar (I always love these no matter how many times I see it)
- mashed potato bar... O. M. G.  amazing
- beautiful, personal and relatively short ceremony
- photobooth, probably the hit of the night
- band- awesome wedding band, probably the best I've seen/heard

- speeches were LONG.  Best Man spoke for at least 20 minutes... about ONLY the groom!  It was painful and somewhat embarassing- you could tell how bored/uncomfortable people were getting.  I read somewhere you should prep your WP speakers on keeping speeches short... this is why.

- bride and her father did a choreographed dance.  It would have been cute if it was a little shorter.  The B&G had their first dance, the G & MOG danced, then B and FOB danced a whole 3 minute normal slow song, then broke out into this choreographed medley that went for a loooong time (8 song bits total).  Most of us felt like it took too much of the attention away from the B&G and focused solely on the B & her dad. 

- There wasn't enough seating for everyone.  225 guests... maybe seating for 150ish.  There were wedding party tables but SO's were not technically supposed to sit there.  It turned into a free-for-all and people just sat wherever and ended up pulling up seats at tables, etc.  It just felt so informal and was a total mess.  They also ran out of certain foods and the food stations were spread out waaay too much. 

- The speeches took up so much time that no one watched them cut the cake because everyone either had to pee or get a drink by the time they were over.  AND it cut into the dancing time.  They had this amazing wedding band that only played about an hour and a half total because everything took so long.  I would have loved more dancing!

All in all it was a beautiful wedding but I think if they had enough seating and real assigned tables it would have made it feel so much more organized.  And there were 4 speeches (some too long) that really cut into the band's playing time.  So moral of the story... have enough seats and keep the speeches short!! :)

Re: Went to a wedding this weekend... (long review)

  • *Gags* I can't stand when people don't have enough seating for all their guests.  This reaches pretty high on my rudeness radar. 
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  • nic9911nic9911 member
    i wonder why they ran out of seats? did ppl not rsvp ? or were they crashing
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  • In Response to Re: Went to a wedding this weekend... (long review):
    [QUOTE]i wonder why they ran out of seats? did ppl not rsvp ? or were they crashing
    Posted by nic9911[/QUOTE]

    The couple did it on purpose - saves money (chairs they got were like $7 a piece to rent) and the venue wasn't large enough to seat 225.  They also had been convinced by someone that it "keeps the party going" to have people up and moving around and not allow them to sit.  I didn't really agree with it.  It was really awkward trying to find a place to eat that had a napkin and silverware still at the table that hadn't been used yet.
  • Yeah, I get that in theory, "mingling cocktail hour" type thing, but please. My feet hurt, I need somewhere to put my purse, and I don't want to clear someone else's place to put my plate down. I'll be working on my seating chart as the rsvps come in!
  • Wow mashed potato bars has me drooling!!! It is really unfortunate about the chairs, I couldn't imagine not having enough chairs on purpose - if you can't afford the chairs either cut the guest list, or try to find a cheaper rental. We have a few weddings this summer before ours and it will be interesting to see everything from a different point of view. Thanks for the review - definitely things to remember!
  • Yeah, I've seen on other message boards where they get super pissy with anyone who suggests everyone has a seat because apparantely it's a more fun, party atmoshphere without enough. I say no, it's just rude and lacking of common sense!
  • I fail to comprehend how you can't have enough seats for your guests.  That would be a huge no-no for me.  It's incredibly rude and it basically tells your guests:  "Well we didn't have enough money to get YOU a seat so tough luck, stay on your feet and be uncomfortable for the rest of the night.  Oh gee thanks for that gift by the way!"  Not cool.
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  • cc7003cc7003 member
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    Thanks for the review and the great reminders. Glad to hear the photobooth went well--it's one of the details I'm looking forward to the most! We're trying to keep it a secret and the people who do know about have never been to an event with one so I think it will be great!
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  • SandDDSandDD member
    Wow, not enough seats! Seems crazy to me. I can't believe people do that on purpose.

    I'm glad to hear the photobooth went well, we have that too!
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