Limousine -- Who goes in it?

So I am trying to figure out the whole limo situation but I don't really know who is supposed to be included.  I'm getting ready at my parent's house with my parents, man of honor, maid of honor and 3 other bridesmaids.  My fiance and his groomsmen are getting ready at our house so we will be going to the church separately.  So who should be in the limo to the church and then who should then be included on the way to the reception??  I don't know how big of a limo I should get!!!   

Re: Limousine -- Who goes in it?

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    How we did it:
    I went to church with my mom and dad in a vintage car, but we had a limo take the bridesmaids from my parents' house to church. 
    The groom and groomsmen all got themselves to church, and then the limo took all the bridesmaids and groomsmen to the reception. Hubs & I went in the vintage car, and my parents had left their car at church earlier in the morning. 
    Hubs left his car at the reception hall for us to take home after the party, and the bridal party all went home with their significant others. 
    I hope that makes sense. :]
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    You could also do the following...

    Get a limo big enough for the entire BP.

    The limo picks up the guys first & brings them to church. The limo would then come back & pick up you, your girls/ManOH & parents & bring you to church. After the ceremony, the entire BP would take the limo to the reception.

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    This is such a confusing topic for me!  
    We decided to get 2 traditional limos- one to bring the girls and one to bring the guys (mainly because I always envisioned a traditional limo, as opposed to a big party bus). Also, our church will be kind of far from the pick up locations to use one limo and have it go back for the girls. 

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    We did it this way:

    My parents dropped a car off at the church earlier in the day.  I drove to the church with my parents, MOH, BMs and FG.  DH and his BM and GM went separately in someones car and the RB went with his parents and met us at the church.  After the ceremony, the whole wedding party (FG included, but not RB) drove to the reception in the limo and my parents had their car at the church to take them to the reception.
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    Have you thought of including your WP's significant others in the limo? Being the significant other of someone in the WP can suck the big one if they're gone all day getting ready, standing up at the ceremony, riding around in the limo, taking pictures, and then the worst.. sitting at the dreaded head table. In my opinion at that point, it's not even a date because you don't see them until the last part of the reception. We didn't have limos or a head table, but if we had limos, we would have included the significant others of the WP. But thankfully our whole wedding was at one venue, so limos weren't needed.
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    We did not get a limo, we rented a Rolls Royce. My dad and I rode in the Rolls to the ceremony and then my husband and I rode in the Rolls from the church to picutres to the reception.  The girls got ready at my parents' house with me, and they all went in one car together to the church/pictures/reception.  I left it up to my husband to decide how he was going to arrange things with the guys.  They got ready seperately, and my husbands' cousin who was a groomsman picked him up and brought him to the ceremony. The other two guys in the bridal party were driven to the ceremony by one of the guys' fiancee's, and she drove them to the pictures/reception as well. I was glad that the girls all rode together because it eliminated the amount of vehicles driving from place to place.

    I dont really have an answer for you about the limo, even though that was your original question, but I just wanted to tell you my experience, as we had the same dilemma with trying to figure out which size limo we wanted to get.
    Good Luck!
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