4 Hours & 2 States, we have our Centerpieces!

So I found these beautiful bronze lanterns at Michael's craft store that I want to use as a centerpiece and then have flowers around the base.

I looked on so many sites for lanterns but really loved these. Since it was Memorial Day we had a 25% off entire purchase for the day and the lanterns happened to be on 40% off sale this week, very excited 19.99 minus 65%! YAY! Plus they are seasonal and we might not find these again next year.

We were home in NY at my mom's for the holiday so we hit 3 different Michael's up in NY & CT to get enough centerpiece and bar lanterns! I think acouple managers thought we were crazy trying to find 20+ of these, lol.

SO excited!,default,pd.html?cgid=products&start=10

Re: 4 Hours & 2 States, we have our Centerpieces!

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