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Unique or relaxing honeymoon?? Hawaii or Thailand or Somewhere else??

HELP! We are having the hardest time deciding where to go on our honeymoon!! We are getting married at the end of July, and are planning an early September honeymoon. Traveling is our thing and we want to see the world together, and when we have any extra money that is what we spend it on. Having said that, we can't decide whether to go on a really unique exotic trip, or a relaxing trip to a place we have been before.

We have many considerations, but the two we are considering the most are Maui (Kaanapali Beach) and Thailand. Thailand looks amazing and we can get a hotel that is super nice looking with a private pool and all for like $200 or $250 a night. Maui we went to last November and loved it, and it had a chill beach, a little night life, and a great place to stroll along the beach. If we went to Maui we would stay in a nicer hotel room, and then maybe island hop to Oahu and stay in a cottage bungalow at Turtle Bay for a few nights to make it extra special. Plus I am picturing us having more money for drinks and spa treatments etc.  Both trips would cost about the same, so that doesn't help us decide.

How do we decide between a place we love that we could have a relaxing time enjoying and celebrating our new marriage, and a new exotic place with potential bad surprises but would be unforgettable?
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