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Hi, so you're having your reception at Chippanee too? I haven't met anyone else who's had their wedding there or who wants to have their wedding there. How did you happen to book there? I was looking into cheap but nice places and when I went there I loved the banquet room and the outside grounds to get married on. Even though your wedding's not til June it'll come up fast. I booked Chippanee last July and I can't believe it's been over a year since I booked it and that my wedding is in a month and a half! It flew by! What stages of planning are you in? What are ur theme colors? I'm trying to get more ideas for decorating at Chippanee

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    ::Butting in::One of my bff's is having her wedding there also and it is def. not cheap. She's paying over 90.00 a plate.If you include open bar, hot passed food, raw bar and have it scheduled as a wedding, it's surely not CHEAP!Not sure what your doing to get it so cheaply? Sunday, no booze? buffet?Congrats Ladies, the location is beautiful and is a private club, don't think it's dues paying members would want people to think it's cheap.  Try dressing it up with candles or white lights under the tables, that is what I saw at  a wedding there in may of 2008.  GOOD LUCK
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    Hey :) Yeah, I don't know anyone else getting married there either! I'm originally from Wolcott, and my mom happened to drive by the course one day and thought it looked beautiful, so I went to look at it and fell in love with it! They have been really great to work with. I'm doing a black and white themed wedding so I'm hoping that will keep the decorations simple ... I'm thinking I'm going to rent some black linens for the tables and probably some white chair covers with black sashes. I haven't started looking for florists yet so I'm not sure what kinds of centerpieces I'll use. I've really just booked the big things so far (Robert Henry for photography and Powerstation for DJ). I think they are *very* reasonably priced. My fiance and I are both grad students and paying for the entire wedding ourselves. We are ordering off of their wedding package menu. We are getting a sit down dinner with 3 entree options, plus an appetizer course, a salad course, a pasta course, and ice cream to go with our cake. All of this also includes a top shelf open bar. The highest priced entree is only $62, so I'm not sure how anyone is paying over $90 a person for dinner? Maybe it's a different package but I never saw any prices that high.
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    Also, one more thing ... my wedding is on a Saturday night so I'm not saving any money by having it at an off-peak time :)
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    And chanchachiclet ... my email is superlee95178 at yahoo.com if you want to chat more!
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    Superlee -The cost comes up when you add hot Hors d' Oeuvres and raw bar and extra hours of open bar that is how it gets up there. Most places like Aqua turf, farmington club, mahans, woodwinds, anthony's ocean view AOF hotel, Glastonbury CC, Tower Ridge, Hartford CC etc all include things "like/similar" that...they also include the cake typically in the costs.  The great thing about Chippanee is that the base line is lower but when you add the same variables as say I have with my package at my venue then it comes up to 90+. It's marketing! :) that's all offer a lower bottom line and charge for additions or add those things all along and charge the higher rack rate. We have several friends that are members there and we dine with them often and Pat plays golf on the greens with his brother! Who is also a member. We would be but don't live in town. And I travel often for work so its not a financially advantageous venture. The food is amazing and we def. would have booked this venue but one of my best friends is getting married there a month after our wedding there. Once the cost analysis is done, it's relative to other venues. Most don't ask (something I learned on here) that most venues are flexiable with there packages. The word cheap is just not what I would call it. Just gives it a poor rap, that is undeserved. "Reasonable" is much better!
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    Ok linds I am sorry offend you. I didnt mean the place looked cheap. I meant that I got a wonderful price and that the price was inexpensive! I am choosing off the banquet menu and am having a saturday afternoon sit down dinner for 20 dollars a plate. So yes that in my mind is inexpensive! It was exactly what I needed since we don't have a big budget and are paying for a lot of the wedding ourselves. I never meant to say the place is cheap cuz its not. It's absolutely gorgeous. I love the grounds and the banquet room. The people are wonderful to work with and I've heard wonderful things about their food! I can't wait till I have my wedding there
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