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Thank you to everyone who gave their opinion on the cars I had in mind. Between the Kia Forte and the Nissan Sentra the Sentra had clear advantages. When I went to see the corollas there were NONE for me to see and it would take 3-4 weeks for them to get one in and I'd have to take whatever color they had. The Mazda3 was a REALLY nice car. I really liked it. It was a bit bumpier of a ride compared to the Sentra despite all the reviews and comparisons I read. The back seat was tiny and the dealer said most people trade them in once they try to get a rear-facing car seat in there. I ended up going with the Sentra. It will be coming in on Monday or Tuesday in "Polished Granite" with Charcoal interior. I thought it's funny that on here the majority of people said Sentra was a better pick but amogst recent college grads and non-engaged friends on facebook they ALL said the obvious choice is the Mazda and it shouldn't even be a question. Guess the ring shapes more decisions then I thought. Well thanks again, I'll let you know what I think when it's mine!
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