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Late June/Early July honeymoon -- all inclusive (safe water to drink)

Hey everyone,

My HM options (or lack thereof) have my head spinning!

Here are the details:
- Date: Last week of June/first week of July
- Budget: Under $1500 a person STRICT BUDGET
- Restrictions: We need a place with safe water to drink and no cruises!  I get very motion sick on water (even large boats)
- Ideally: A mixture of beach relaxation and adventure -- hiking, kayaking, etc.
- Must Have: All-Inclusive!!!!
- Dream HM if price were not an issue: 2-3 days on an African Safari and then relaxing on the beaches of Seychelles or Mauritius

I know.. I'm picky... That's the issue!   Mexico/DR are in our price range, but I am too nervous about the water (I know some resorts have filtering systems, but I am very sensitive and don't want to risk being sick on my HM).   Costa Rica would be amazing, but the weather might be an issue that time of year and same with the cost.... we could get an all-inclusive in our budget but wouldn't be able to afford any excursions. 

Not sure where else?!  Turks and Caicos is a possibility...

I don't know! Help!
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Re: Late June/Early July honeymoon -- all inclusive (safe water to drink)

  • After I graduated college my FI and I went to Cabo San Lucas in Mexico for 6 days and stayed at the Barcelo Palace Deluxe. It is an all inclusive, 4.5 star hotel and it was amazing (: Including flight, we paid $1600 total for the two of us (but we did go when it first opened in 2010 so they were having sales). It is a little more expensive now but I think it def. fits into your budget. We did several excursions and loved them. We had no issues with the water at all. Because of the class of hotel, all of the water is already filtered, so you don't even need bottles. But if you want bottled water, its an AI so its free. If the water is the only thing holding you back from Mexico don't worry about it. If you pick a nice hotel it won't be a problem.

    Also, you can try a Sandals. I know a lot of people who have gone on a 3k budget and had a great time.

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    I wouldn't worry about the water in Mexico and the DR. They use filtered/purified water at all the resorts and in the touristy areas, and also provide bottled water upon request and in your minifridge in your room. Since it's an AI, the bottled water is unlimited and is available throughout the resort. I've been to Cancun, Cozumel twice, and Costa Maya and never had an issue with the drinking water or feeling sick. They know this is a common worry of Americans and make sure everything is up to code for tourists.
  • They have bottled water at every AI resort so I wouldn't worry about that.

    Worrying about weather is the most useless thing to worry about.  You NEVER know, no matter where in the world you are, what kind of weather you are going to have.  I mean just as an example, we were supposed to have a snowstorm 20-30 cm here yesterday.  All we got was rain.  I didn't even have to remove snow off my car.  If the weather forecast for 1 day is wrong, why are you worrying about something months away that's just based on stats?  You never know.  It's something you just need to put in the back of your mind.  No point in worrying over something you have zero control over.

    I think you can definitely find something in Mexico or DR for that price range.
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  • everytime I have every gone to an IA in Mexico all they give is bottle water.  I have never had any issues with the water.  Ive been to Cozumel, Cancun, Playa De Carmen, Costa Maya and never got sick.  You get the most for your money in mexico.  As for the weather you have that issue everywhere not much you can do about that.  my I suggest using trip adviser and do some research about mexico you will see that water is not an issue.  hope this helps.
  • I agree, I wouldn't worry about the water.  When I read up before I went to Mexico a few years ago, it was mentioned that sometimes the ice they use isn't from filtered water, but not sure how true this is or not.  If you are really worried about it, they make water bottles with a water filtration system built in, but like PPs said it is mostly bottled water.

    I will say that when I went to Mazatlan, despite being careful I still had one day of bloody diarrhea :P

    I might contact a travel agent.  Most of them will work for no cost to you, and should be able to find you something within your budget and everything else you want.
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  • at our timeshare resort in cancun i drink the tap water it's filtered so well.

    all AIs use filtered water for ice etc... (or everyone would be sick all the time).


  • When we went to Mexico last year we didn't have a problem. Everywhere we went we had bottled water and when we did order drinks I asked if they used filtered water for the ice and the answer was always yes. Plus, you could tell if it wasn't filtered. We used a public bathroom at a Walmart and I thought someone didn't flush so I flushed it, it came back up and nope, that is just the color of the water. Kind of gross but at least you know that the resorts and all the tourist areas use filtered water. I think the "Don't drink water in Mexico" thing is just so old and with technology and tourist's it has just come so far.

    Nothing to be worried about!


  • Las Terrazas Resort in Belize
  • Safest water in the Caribbean is in Aruba... the entire island has desalinated and purified water.  They actually use the water from the ocean, desalinate and purify it throughout the entire island.  The probably have the cleanest tap water ever.

    That being said, everyone on this board is going to tell you to not do an AI in Aruba.  I did, and I loved it.  I stayed at the Occidental Grand, and had an absolutely AMAZING time.  I booked through Apple Vacations, and got some extra perks just by doing that, like breakfast delivered to my room every morning.  The food in Aruba is apparently a-mah-zing, but was too expensive for me to not do an all inclusive.
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