where to find wedding umbrella?

where at a store (not online) can i find a wedding umbrella? i need one by saturday and i dont know where i could find a nice white umbrella, any ideas?

Re: where to find wedding umbrella?

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    maybe check out places like target, tjmaxx, walmart, kohls or jcpenney. otherwise, maybe the fancier department stores like nordstrom or lord & taylor would have white ones.

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    I went out last night for umbrellas. I got a nice black one with a curved wood handle at Target. The reason I liked it was because the "spokes" inside were black too so you can't really see them if they take a picture from the front. I also got a "bible" umbrella. The kind that comes way down around you. It is clear plastic. I thought that could make some cute pictures, maybe us kissing inside of it in the rain or something like that. But both were from Target and like $15 each.
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    A "bible" umbrella? I have no idea what I was thinking when I wrote that... hahaha. It is called a "bubble" umbrella. I think the lack of sleep is getting to me! :o)
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    Sorry another post. haha. I forgot I found cute rain boots at Target too. part was they were on super clearance because someone bought them online and returned them to the store. $6.25! Score!
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    Usually the limo company will have them. You can call and ask if they will provide one. Maybe they can even let you barrow it for the day for a deposit or something. I can't believe your day is here already! Good Luck! I can't wait to see pics :)
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    thanks for all your help! im not having a limo unfortunately so i cant use their umbrellas. i will go out shopping for umbrellas friday with my sister. i hope i can find something! i cant believe my day is finally here too lisa! thanx for all your help! i will definitely show pictures! im so excited for saturday!
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    If anyone is still looking, we went to Sears tonight and found 5 black 60" (the huge golf size) umbrellas for the wedding.  They were originally $22.00 each and were running a buy 1 get one 50% off sale, so it worked out to about $15 each.
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    Check out Wedding umbrellas for rent and for sale for less than $15. Various colors and large enough for two people.
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