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Vatulele or Turtle Island, Fiji

Hi Ladies,

My fiance and I are starting to talk about our Honeymoon for next May.  Early I know lol, but we like to get ahead of the game.  We were thinking of Fiji, we've heard great things about Vatulele Resort and Turtle Island.  Has anyone ever been, or heard about the islands?  I've read awesome reviews on trip advisor but would like to hear from my knot brides :)

Any feedback would be appreciated.

Re: Vatulele or Turtle Island, Fiji

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    Turtle Island is very expensive.  I am not sure of your budget but you  might want to contact them before putting much time into that decision.
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    How did you come to choose those two resorts?  That way, we can make some suggestions. :) I know Vatulele has gone through a few management changes and been passed around in the past few years, so I would just be sure to look into that before booking to ensure that you don't have any problems.  When we started looking into Fiji, I immediately thought about Turtle Island because of its name, but I've heard differing opinions on them  - some say that it's slipped over the years, so if you're going to spend that kind of money, there are a number of places you can look into.  There are tons of gorgeous resorts in Fiji.  Some others to look into if you want the private island, adults only, meals included experience would be Royal Davui, Likuliku, Qamea, and Taveuni Palms.

    We stayed at two resorts over 12 nights and loved that - the first 7 were at Royal Davui (loved, loved, loved,) and the next 5 at Likuliku (nice if you want overwater bures but we preferred RD.) 

    Feel free to ask away if you have any more questions! 

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    Thanks Ladies!!!  I appreciate your feedback.  We always wanted to do the South Pacific. I've heard great things about Fiji, especially since i've been to Australia and New Zealand, might as well visit Fiji :)

    We were looking at both these resorts via what we've read online and trip advisor, but we're open for any suggestions.  We want something romantic, different, and fun.  We only honeymoon once so we want it to be a trip of a lifetime. 

    SuMmErKuTiE I'd love to see your pictures. 

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    Fiji is outstanding!!! You will absolutely adore it no matter where you stay! We did our wedding and honeymoon there. We stayed a new place: http://emahosekawa.com/ or https://www.facebook.com/emahosekawafiji. I have no words to describe it!!! It is breath taking and completely private...there is only one villa so the resort it yours.

    If you want advice on Fiji, I would suggest the travel agent we used. (A friend suggested them to me). Lynette (our agent) was beyond helpful and actually managed to get us a great deal on everything that we wanted. Plus they met us at the plane and took us to our connection and helped us with everything. She lives in Fiji and so she has personally been to all of the resorts and can help a lot with the decision. http://destinationworld.com/
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    Thanks Skyebek!

    We're excited, we are definately doing Fiji and there are so many choices, I can't wait!!
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