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Shoe dyeing!

Anyone know of places in CT that do shoe dyeing? I found a pair of shoes I'm in love with but they only come in white and I need ivory. Help I can't find anything online!

Re: Shoe dyeing!

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    Davids dyes shoes, not sure if they'll do shoes you buy from elsewhere. But also the woman who did my alterations could dye shoes. I got mine done at a shoe repair place in the Hoyole MA. Not sure if that would be an option for you but he does a 24 hour turn around.
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    What is the name of the place in Holyoke? I go to NH a lot so I could stop in on a trip up!
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    It's Fast Footworks. It's right across from the post office, park near Christmas Tree Shop. Here is some info that may be helpful: It's $20 a pair and he prefers to have a fabric swatch to work from. He dyes a sample piece for you to ok so be prepared to wait about 30 minutes when you first drop them off. He will not put any waterproofing solution on them because it will change the color. When you get the shoes home take them out and let them air. Mine did end up with a few water spots on them, but not until after the ceremony & they really aren't that bad. Good Luck!
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    Payless does it, believe it or not.
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    I used to work at Payless and certain stores have it and certain stores do not. However, they don't dye them in-store. They have to order them. (At least that's the way it was for the 3 or so years I worked there.) So, they won't dye shoes you already have. They have a cute selection though.
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