POLL: Your Wedding Dreams/Nightmares

Ok so I am still about 10 months out and am beginning to have dreams about the wedding very regularly. Every dream has been pretty much the same where I wake up and the wedding is happening waaaayyy to soon. In each dream there are always issues with the dj not knowing what music I want and nothing going the way that I want it to. I always feel helpless and overwhelmed and then wake up in real life in a panic!I guess this all means that I am a control freak and am obsessing over some details without even being conscious of it! ***What have been your wedding dreams/ nightmares?

Re: POLL: Your Wedding Dreams/Nightmares

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    I've had the same nightmares! Where nothing is ready and all the little details I wanted to work on and make perfect of course have fallen by the wayside in the dream. As much as I want the wedding here now, I know I need the time I still have ahead of us to get things done and when I wake up I'm so thankful that I have the time to do it and not freak out like in my dreams! Yipes!Don't worry about it, I think all of us have had these dreams. We are pouring a lot of time, thought, energy, money, etc.. into making this our perfect day that when we fall asleep at night it's filling up our heads.
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    I had wedding nightmares right when we started planning - about not being ready or being late. Since then, nothing. I am not stressed, no nightmares or anything. I think it will get better once you get closer and have more stuff planned out.
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    I'm a little far out to be really stressing about the wedding.  But I had nightmares before my FI proposed.  I pretty much knew it was coming, and I kept having these dreams that he gave me the ugliest rings, lol!  It sounds really awful, but they were things like ring pop candy, and one was a ring made out of wood to look like the NY skyline.  I have NO idea why.  I laughed about it afterward though.
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    i always have the same dream/nightmare. I wake up and its suddenly the day of the wedding and i have nothing planned and im running aroyund trying to find guests,flowers everything to put together a wedding in like 5 hours but i never see the wedding it always ends before the event. i have it atleast once a week. its good though because when i start to fall off the planning the dream gets me going and i do something haha.
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