Looking for a rehearsal dinner space in Cromwell/Middletown Area

Any suggestions?  I have considered Inn at Middletown but we will have about 90 ppl at the rehearsal dinner and I don't know if it's big enough.  Any other suggestions?  I appreciate any help!  Thanks!!

Re: Looking for a rehearsal dinner space in Cromwell/Middletown Area

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    My favorite restaurant in Cromwell is Baci Grill on Rt. 372. They have a banquet room so they should be able to accomodate 90 people, but I'm not sure.
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    i second baci grill! they have a back room, i think they call it the rose garden, and i remember looking- they do have a set menu you can pick from.  there are some other good restaurants in middletown like la boca and tuscany grill, but with 90 people, that really does limit you.
    theres also in oyama in cromwell if you wanted a japanese/hibachi type dinner, i think they are big enough to acommodate.
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    I am also looking in the Middletown area for rehearsal dinner sites with private rooms.  There is a new restaurant/wine bar in Middletown called Esca, and it has room for 120 in the private upstairs area (although I checked reviews and they were mixed...).  There is a place in Middletown called Fiore II, which is a little divey but friends say it has amazing food.  The Inn at Middletown has private rooms for rehearsal dinners that would hold 90 (although it is pricey), and you can also check out Luce.  Tuscany Grill has very good food, but I don't think it is big enough.
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    Whatever you do, do NOT use Luce.  What terribly run restaurant.  I am calling my recent experience there my "Second worst dining experience ever."  The first was in Hartford. 
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