Another week...

Weekend Rants/Raves??

What is one WR/NWR thing you would like to acomplish this week??
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  • Melissa603Melissa603 member
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    WR - we need to figure out which DJ we want, I'm leaning more towards on, so we will see. Mail out some bridesmaids goodies

    NWR - Start my new job today!
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    Weekends go by too fast!!

    WR- I mailed out my deposit for Larissa Lake this am! so excited to have her booked!!!

    NWR- Finish my paper for school so I can graduate in 2 weeks!!
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  • herb0622herb0622 member
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    Yes, the weekends go by wayy to fast!

    WR- Book our flights for the HM!!

    WR- Start packing for our cruise next week. Yay for sunshine and warm weather, finally!!
  • Mona8Mona8 member
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    WR: Our Save-the-Date magnets should arrive tomorrow! Can't wait to see the finished product! Then begins the long process of collecting everyone's addresses and hand-addressing them.

    NWR:Trying to get a ton of experiments done in lab (Im a molecular and cell biology grad student)

    RAVE: FI and I went to the huge Yankee Candle store in Deerfield, MA. It was so much more than a candle store- great food (highly recommend the zebra popcorn they have there), cute garden and X-mas decorations, lots of candy toys, and you can make your own candle. It was like a playground for adults. I have enough candles now to last me a year, haha.

    FI and I also put down a deposit on an apartment. Yay!
  • SuMmErKuTiESuMmErKuTiE member
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    Oh Mondays how I loathe you...

    Weekend was great.. went to a great place for dinner and 2 for 1 drinks on the lake Friday after work. Saturday, DH and I went to tour the same floorplan as the home we chose so we could finally envision everything and we took lots of pictures and are blown away and even more excited now! Now we just have to wait another 4 months while it's built which is the hard part. *pouts*

    This week, we're just hoping to have the new contracts signed because we have to re-sign everything since the lot we chose originally is unbuildable due to the layout of our house. Very frustrating, but we chose another lot we love and now have to resign everything and are hoping to get in there tonight if possible.
  • calindicalindi member
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    I ran a half marathon yesterday!  It was pretty fantastic - I raised over $2000 for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society in memory of my friend who died two years ago.  I cried the whole last quarter mile, and his Dad called me crying afterwards.  It was really emotional and a great way to get some closure and do something good in his memory!

    Oh, did I mention the half marathon was at Disney?  And was Princess themed, so I wore a tutu that I made?

    And while my parents were in town, we sat them down and talked in depth about getting married, looked at pictures from the venue we want from when my parents visited it, and talked about putting down a deposit this week or next.  Yay!!!



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    Rant: Rainy Mondays are the worst kind of Mondays!

    Rave: We went to our catering tasting this weekend and it was AMAZING (see my post for details)!!!  It's all coming down to the wire!

    WR: We are meeting with the caterers this weekend to go over details for the day-of and also meeting with the JP to plan the ceremony details.  Can't wait!

    NWR: Homework - blah.  FI was on vacation all last weekend/this week/this weekend, so I've gotten no school work accomplished and now I will be paying for it - I have a paper, a take-home quiz, 2 journal entries, and LOTS of reading to do...meh
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  • tannymcgeetannymcgee member
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    A little bit of a rant at Wedding Paper Divas... my invite order came last week with no envelopes.  They were delivered today but I wanted my invites to go out last Friday! booooooo.  However overall the company is awesome to work with and my invites are awesome.  Hopefully I can get my invites out by Wednesday now!  
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