Where did you find your headpiece?

I'm still on the lookout, ok I'm starting to think I really need to seriously look for a headpiece. Something with a little bling...
Where are the places to go?
I need to try it on, so no etsy for me. I'm fairly visual.
DB doesn't do it for me so any and all suggestions will be entertained!
Thanks in advance!

Re: Where did you find your headpiece?

  • gem6240gem6240 member
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    Where do you live? Ragtime  and Wedding Embassy in Watertown have some nice bling.
  • cgbabe229cgbabe229 member
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    If you live anywhere near the casinos check out Love Me Two Times.  It's a consignment shop but they also have tons of new stuff in their bridal section.  I actually just went there this past weekend and found my headpiece.  They had quite a bit to chose from and obviously they were very reasonably priced because of the type of store they are.  I would really recommend checking them out :)
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    [QUOTE]Where do you live? Ragtime  and Wedding Embassy in Watertown have some nice bling.
    Posted by gem6240[/QUOTE]

    I am in the Eastern part of CT....from Mystic to Putnam is most convenient but I guess I can travel!
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    I bought mine from the same place I bought my dress: April Rose Designs in Guilford, CT.  It's a headband/tiara that has a little bit of bling and pearls.
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