Thankyou note question

I invited a friend to the wedding and his date was a mutual friend of ours (who was not invited to the wedding)....The card was signed from the both of them, but they are not  a couple
Do I send a thank-you note to:
-Just the guy who I invited
-Address a thankyou to both of them? (not sure she'll see it though)
-or send one to each?

DH is in a similiar situation.....but the guy came up from Florida to Connecticut, and brought a mutual friend of theirs from she definitely won't see the thankyou note if we address it to both of them

Just curious what other people have done/would do

Re: Thankyou note question

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    I would write them each separate thank you notes.
  • starrbuk13starrbuk13 member
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    [QUOTE]I would write them each separate thank you notes.
    Posted by cac847[/QUOTE]

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    I agree. Send one to each of them. You never know if she would ever get it if you just sent it to him.
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