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We hired Zach Schiffman of Studio Z Photography for a photobooth for our wedding in Farmington, CT.  It was more than a "photobooth" so to speak-he set up a white backdrop and had a table full of all kinds of hilarious props to use.  It was such a blast!  You could fit way more people into the pictures than a traditional photobooth and other guest could watch all of the funny poses from the side.  All of our guests took advantage of the "booth" and had a blast!  Zach was phenomenal and provided all guests with unlimted strips of photos and mailed us a DVD slideshow as well as all of the individual prints on a disk just days after the wedding.  This was hands-down the best party favor we could have given our guests and added to the fun of the evening.  Guests also have the opportunity to order larger prints from the Studio Z website if desired.  The photobooth was economical and hilariously funny!!! Some of the best money spent on our wedding.  Thanks again Zach and Studio Z!

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  • Neat. Can't wait to read the glowing reviews of all your other vendors too.
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    [QUOTE]Neat. Can't wait to read the glowing reviews of all your other vendors too.
    Posted by DiLynn83[/QUOTE]

    <div>lol was thinking the same thing... sounds like someone trying to get people to go w zack</div>


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  • hmmm... little odd the your first post is about one vendor....
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  • Yea, I believe this is the vendor.  He previosly had a account with a username StudioZ and I reported him under that.  If you have a good business people will recommend you...just annoying.
  • Hi All,

    I just wanted to say that the post by Erin was not by our company by any means. Like most vendors do, we reached out to some recent brides for feedback online and Erin wrote to us that she put up this posting.

    I understand how it being her first post can make it look like it was fake. Please understand that making a fake user name is not something we need to do, or ever would do. When we first started our company earlier in the year we put a post about our services on the knot unknowing that vendors were not allowed to do so, and it was rightly removed, and we haven't done that again since.

    I'm happy to provide Erin as a reference to anyone that wishes (and our email chain is below). Another one of our brides, Jessica, also made a post on the site (her 1st as well).

    Studio Z Photography

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