I'm not hip to PIP...

What is this PIP that I am seeing in many of the posts?  I haven't been on here in a few weeks and feel so out of the loop.

Re: I'm not hip to PIP...

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    Haha, I was wondering that myself at first. I can never figure out how to post pics in my posts so I gave up.
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    To put a PIP (picture in post), underneath the white text box there are a bunch of symbols - one looks like a tree (next to the ABC Check for Spell Check and the Smiley Face for Emotion Icons).  This is the Picture symbol.

    When you click on it, a little pop-up will come up to allow you to browse your computer for the picture file you want to put in the post.  It will then ask you to save it and VOILA - PIP :)

    HTH :)
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