Brass Band?

I'm in need of a reasonably priced brass band for my wedding in September of 2012. I'm currently living in New Orleans and would like to have a 2nd line at my wedding! Any and all suggestions are would be amazing :):)
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Re: Brass Band?

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    We wanted the same! But instead, we'll have our DJ play two brass band songs as part of our entrance. Good luck!
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    I know someone who plays trumpet in RI area, and would probably be very interested, though I know him personally and not professionally (he's a former teacher of mine) so I don't know how much he'd charge.

    Look up Al Basile. and

    If he can't do it, he knows everyone in the area who plays brass instruments, I swear.



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    Depending on where your wedding is another suggestion is looking at a college in the area.  That is what I am doing for my cocktail hour.  Just a few students from the music department. 
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    Thank you so much! I'll look into all of these resources! I was also thinking about high school bands as I used to be a high school teacher... Universities are a great idea, too! Thanks ladies :)
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