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Does anyone know if any bridal shops in CT offer free alterations if you purchase bridesmaid dresses from their store?

Also, can anyone recommend a bridal store in the Hartford County area that offers great customer service. I have gone to two already for bridesmaid dresses and I was not very happy with how we were treated so I would rather give my business to someone that will treat us nicely.


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    Have you tried Mariella's? I went there before and had good luck.">Mariella Creations
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    Which places didn't treat you right?
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    I don't know how many places will give free alterations.  Keep in mind that it's not really "fair" to call the alterations free so they may be marking up the cost of the garment if they offer free alterations.  Some people fit into a dress almost perfectly off the rack and other people will need a ton of work done on their dresses.  My dress was basically taken apart by a tailor and then put back together to fit me.  It came out perfectly and I think it was a great fit.  However it wouldn't have been fair for a shop to charge someone else only requiring a hem the same cost as my alterations - KWIM?

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    I just order a BM dress for my cousin's wedding at Classic Bridal by Eva in Stratford. Her prices are very competitive plus she is great to work with. 
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    Ditto Classic Brides by Eva!  I just got my dress there and will be going back for my BM dresses.  She does free alterations :)
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    I ditto Mariellas!! I have had nothing but great experiences with them from other weddings I've been in.  I just ordered my dress from there as well.
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    Another vote for Eva!  The dress prices were similar to other places I looked, and she included alterations in the price.  She was grea to work with, and she didn't stop altering until my girls were happy with how they looked.
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