Are they really worth the money?

FI and I are booked our honeymoon at a Sandal's in  Ochos Rios Jamicia....and we are debating as to wether the excursions are really worth the price? Has anyone been on these and if so which did you feel like you got the most for your money? 

Re: Are they really worth the money?

  • We did Dunns River Falls in Ocho Rios and it was kinda cool.  It was SUPER crowded when we were there b/c there were a few cruise ships in, but it was really pretty and we had fun.  If you decide to do this one, buy a cheap pair of water shoes to bring with you so they don't make you rent them there.  Ick!

  • We went to Ocho Rios for our HM and we did a few excursions, and they were all great!   We went on the Chukka Zip Line Tour and it was amazing, well worth the money.   We also did the Catamaran Cruise to Dunn's River Falls.   This was by far one of our favorite activities we did on our HM.  After doing Dunn's River Falls, they also take you snorkeling which was pretty cool.   It is a big party on the boat, really fun.    I highly recommend both of these excursions!
  • I stopped in Ocho Rios on a cruise last year and did a river tubing and Dunns River Falls combo excursion. It was definitely worth it! As pp mentioned it was a tad crowded, but a lot of fun. They have water shoes to rent before going into the falls, as I recall they were only $3, but if you get skeeved out at the thought of renting just make sure you bring a pair with you. During the river tubing there's a stop halfway down the river where you can choose to get out and do a cliff jump. I was so scared, but so glad I did it in the end. (needless to say I screamed the whole way down.. haha). HTH!
  • I just got back from my honeymoon at a Sandals in St. Lucia.  Both my husband (who is very cheap) and I felt the two excursions we picked were well worth the money.  I just recommend doing your research ahead of time so you know which ones you want to do because once you are there, people try to talk you into different ones.
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  • When I went on a cruise, the excursions charged about $75 per person.  But when you left the ship and checked out how much the tickets were (the Dunn River Falls) was only $15 per person.  If we didn't see what the locals were charging versus the cruise, we would've thought the excursion was worth the $75!  So in other words, yes the excursions are worth every penny, but if you can, get them for less.
  • ocho rios is not that nice at all.......excursions are expensive and may not be totally worth it...find a trustworthy taxi driver for a fraction of the price...
  • I went to Jamaica last March and looved it so much. Dunns River Falls is really fun. They give you two options. Choose the group that you get soaking wet with (its fun!). I agree with pp's about the water shoes. The ones you rent are gross, but do-able if you must.

    Go to Marguerites for dinner. The waiter there is Walter, and he is awesome. We went to there twice in one week for dinner because we loved it so much. Definitely get the tableside Caeser salad...best I've ever had. 

    Have fun! 
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