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Jacob Bergmeier of NoDo Photography shot my wedding last October. I honestly thought I had already posted a review about him b/c of all the raving I did before the wedding but looking back I now I realize I did not. So here it goes…

Jacob was amazing the day of my wedding. He showed up uber early to shoot the girls getting ready. I’m sure that is just what he was hoping to do with his Saturday morning, hang out with a bunch of crazy girls for a couple hours while they got ready for a wedding right! But he did a great job and made us feel like he really wanted to be there and was just having a great time. He was joking with the mothers, helping the videographer, dealing with girls wanting their picture taken just so they could see how their makeup looked, he even helped my then fiancé put on his cufflinks! He was just a pleasure to be with all day. Now on my wedding day it was a bit dreary out… okay it was A FREAKING MONSOON the day of my wedding! But somehow he made the best of the situation and got some awesome shots. I was THAT bride that made my WHOLE bridal party march out onto our town green, in the RAIN, BEFORE the wedding to take pictures! Obviously there were people not too happy about that, but Jacob was not one of them, he was all for it! And he was able to do it quickly so we didn’t have any bridal party meltdowns b/c of the weather. I’m not going to lie, I was slightly nervous thinking he didn’t get that many shots but when he shoots he makes it count! Quality over quantity! We made it to the church, got married, and were taking the family portraits when… THE POWER WENT OUT! Yep we lost power at the church! But again… Jake to the rescue, you would never know we lost power with how the photos came out. He was more than reassuring to all of our friends and family that the photos would be great, and they were! I think he may have also been there to deliver the news to me that… my wedding cake COLAPSED! Yeah when it rains it pours… literally! But again he put such a great spin on it we thought it was hysterical instead of devastating. He worked a solid 13 hour day and was nothing but happy and smiley the whole time! He was an absolute integral part of our wedding day and it would not have been the same without him there. I HIGHLY recommend booking Jake for your wedding b/c he will most assuredly make it a day to remember!!! My husband and I are so happy to not only be able to call Jake our wedding photographer but a friend!

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    Great review, reminds me I need to do the same for our photographer!
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    Thank you for posting this. I am still looking into photographers and I think I will have to give him a call. Was he reasonable in price?
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    Great, do you have a link to the photos?
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