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candy buffet?'s

Did anyone do one or doing one?  Where did you get your candy from?  

I want to just have about five glass containers to go with the cupcakes I am having.  Is this a a good idea??  I just like the look of it!

Does anyone have any glass containers they want to sell?

Lots of questions...I know...thanks for your help!

Re: candy buffet?'s

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    I can't help on any of this, no glass containers and I'm not having a candy bar but I know I would totally LOVE to have one and I would LOVE a wedding that had one. I think it's a wonderful idea. 
    My boss's niece just had a wedding and had the candy bar set up as guests left, kind of acted as an additional "favor" but they just bought the candy in bulk at BJs or Costco. 
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  • Vanessa630Vanessa630 member
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    I didn't end up doing this but I do think it's a great idea. It can definitely get expensive though- especially because, if you're going to do one, you should have enough candy so that it looks good. 
    I ordered rock candy for some of my favors and used metrocandy.com so definitely check them out when you're comparing prices.  I think you can sign up for their newsletter to get a discount?
    Good luck! 

    EDIT: I liked this link when I was researching candy buffets:
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    I don't know if 5 is enough but I did this and it was a huge hit!  I ordered all of my candy on-line as I could get color specific candy more easily. I used candywarehouse.com, acandystore.com and some of the best deals were from bulkfoods.com.  

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  • SuMmErKuTiESuMmErKuTiE member
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    Ditto mwitter80.. I don't think 5 containers would be enough. Our candy buffet was also a huge hit and the whole thing was depleted at the end of the night and there was a long line for a while for guests wanting to get their candy. We did ours as our favors and everyone loved it and had never seen one before.

    I purchased the giant martini, champagne, and margarita glasses from Michaels (using 40% off coupons) and Christmas Tree Shops. My mom ordered the tongs, scoops, and some of the color coordinated candy from scoops-scoops and she also ordered personalized/colored M&M's from their website. I think she also got some of the candy from Cotsco.


    Also, make sure you have a sugar free option for guests who can't have too much sugar ;0)
  • kate1030kate1030 member
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    I have glasses I am interested in selling...you can email me at [email protected]
  • reckert7reckert7 member
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    The candy buffet isnt my wedding favor just to go with dessert which is cupcakes.  Do you still think 5 isnt enough?  I didnt want to spend alot of money on it I more like the look of it hhaa!

    How much are you selling them for?
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