I hardly ever post, but with the wedding quickly approching I am at lost and hoping someone can help me...we are having a Catholic Cememony at a non denominational chapel.  The Chapel is a summer chapel and does not have a full staff (only traveling priests and deacons) so we have a Deacon from another parish marrying us (to make it even more confusing we did all of our marriage prep at another parish-gotta love destination weddings).  The Deacon has not mentioned a fee or donation, but of course we will give one.  We just don't know how much or when to even give it to him (I'm assuming the rehersal though)???

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I am the first in my family not to get married in my home parish and my fiance's family has only dealt with hiring retired priests of jops.

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    I have heard of priests or reverends charging any where from $200 to $500 depending on how much time they spend with you.  I personally would give him at least $200 I think. You could give it to him at the rehearsal or have someone else in your family do it at the ceremony (before or after). 
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    I don't know about priests, but our JP is charging $200 to officiate our wedding...I think that seems like a pretty reasonable fee or donation amount for an officiant.
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    I think $200 is a good amount. Our Catholic church charges a mandatory donation of $200 so I'm guessing that's the standard rate. 
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