music band prices

just wondering average prices for music bands for the reception....thanks

Re: music band prices

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    My band was originally 6k, but we agreed on 5k Wedding Countdown Ticker
  • Laurensara18Laurensara18 member
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    I am paying 5250- heartbeat dance band- barbara is the band leader and she has been AMAZING to work with thus far- my wedding is on Sunday and I can't wait to hear them!!!
  • kmacisaackmacisaac member
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    My band is costing $9900... a lot, but that's a 10 piece band (7 musicians, 3 singers), and they are also doing the music for the ceremony and the cocktail hour, plus setting up microphones for the ceremony for our vows. Their minimum pkg was a 6 piece band for $6800... bands can go up to easily $20,000, but you can easily found one for 5-6. One tip, try to book directly through the band if possible... if you go through a production company (like Hank Lane music, for example), you could end up paying thousands more.
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    Thanks for the input!
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