bands - pricing?

We have asked my fiance's friend/former coworker  if his band would like to play in our wedding. Still haven't gotten answer, getting anxious.

It is really hard to research wedding bands - I guess they figure we'll fall so in love with their music that we'll want them at any price!

What have others paid or gotten for quotes for bands around here? What should we be expecting??
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Re: bands - pricing?

  • toltolstoltols member
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    I just finished booking our band.  Of the 5-6 bands I called, all are around $5000 for 7 pieces and between $500-700 for each additional musician and $300-400 for additional singers.  Hope that helps!
  • beach326183beach326183 member
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    That's about what we are paying too. It's expensive but hopefully worth it! Part of the band is also playing during the cocktail hour too.
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    Check out Marty Q! DJ/Band Combo...I think we are paying around 2,500 for 5 hours...5 piece band. It's the best of both worlds because you get live music but Marty Dj's during band breaks and to play more hip hop type songs.
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