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Hi. I am a newly bride and would like to know what vendors should I hire first.  I have the reception site (Dolce) but what's next..... dress, official, OR photographer?? Not sure what to do.
And finally.... who pays for the bridesmaid dresses?? Me or them???

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    Welcome and Congratulations! There is definitely a lot to learn when you first start the planning process.  Eh who am I kidding I learn more and more every day.  I personally tackled the big vendors first... photographer, videographer, and dj since I felt to me those were the most important. And I wanted to make sure I was able to book the ones I wanted before they were unavailable.  The knot provides a pretty good indepth to do list for each month leading up to your wedding.  I would highly recommend checking it out and using it.  Don't feel you have to stay right on track though.  If you get things done earlier than they suggest you do well they woo hoo another check.  As far as your bridesmaid dresses they pay for them.  That is something that is usually understood when they agree to be in the wedding.  Although if they absolutely have to get their hair and makeup done (if thats what you want) for your wedding day then that is something that the bride usually pays for.  Well happy planning!
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    I did the venue, dj, photographer, church, and videographer first since they book up quickly.

    I bought my dress about 10 months before the wedding.

    For my bridesmaids they are paying for thier dresses and hair.

    Hope this helps!

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    Congrats and welcome!

    We booked our venue first (we had ceremony and reception at the same site) then we booked our photographer/videographer package, then our DJ all a year plus out from the date. Then about 8-9 months out we booked the florist and my hair and makeup artists, and I ordered my dress. Our officiant was someone from our church who was also leading our marriage study, so we asked him to officiate a few months before the wedding.
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