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Excellence Playa Mujeres - what to do there??

We are leaving for EPM on Saturday (woo hoo!) and I was hoping for suggestions on what to do/what to see there.  We have an excursion booked to go see Chitchen Itza (I was a Spanish minor in college and have always wanted to see it).  I also want to go on a zipline tour.  Are there any other must-do excursions?  Any reviews/opinions are welcomed!  Laughing
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Re: Excellence Playa Mujeres - what to do there??

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    go snorkling in cozumel!  take the ferry over for a day and snorkle and drive around the island.  i love that whole area!  Also, if you are interested in Chitchen Itza (I went two years ago and LOVED IT!) then I would also try Talum, which is on much less of a grand scale, but also beautiful and right on the ocean with an AWESOME beach.  Good luck and have fun!
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    tulum is lovely but very small. if you decide to go to tulum also check out pairing it with a trip to xel-ha which is a great small snorkeling park nearby. they're often paired as they're both pretty small and easy for 1/2 day.
    if you're looking for other ruins to visit go to Coba. it's quite large but not as excavated as chichen itza.
    i dont know what being a spanish minor has to do with CI though LOL. it's mayan :)
    since you'll be up by isla mujeres I suggest taking the ferry from cancun over to the island instead of hauling down to playa del carmen (about 1.5 hours each way from your hotel) and taking the ferry to cozumel.
    dh and i go every year (we're going on saturday as well but for 2 weeks-one in PDC and one in cancun) for our timeshare week. we never pre-book excursions as the weather can be tricky and we like to see what we feel like doing. your resort will have a tour desk. i suggest you go there and see what they offer. I'm a big believer in booking with hotel suggested tour groups as they make sure that they're reputable companies, insured etc... and have a relationship. i wouldn't book without a rec for a company. that being said alltournative.com is a fantastic company that's been leading excursions in the areas for years adn are very conscious of the environment. they do a mayan adventure which includes coba, cenote, zipline. look into it.


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    We just went the second week in November and loved it!

    We did the Xplor Tour (booked at the resort thru American Express Travel in the lower level of the lobby) which is an all day excursion where you zipline, ride ATVs, cave swim, and raft.  It was a lot of fun.  But it takes 30 minutes to get into Cancun where the bus picks you up at 7 a.m. and drives you 1.45 hours to the Xplor Park. 
    I would suggest not booking too many things since the best part of the resort is hanging out by the pool and beach. they have live music in the afternoons and decent shows at night. 

    I also suggest the kitchen tour at the resort. Jsut check out the newsletter they deliver to your room each day for resort activities and how to book. 
    Have fun!
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    [QUOTE]i dont know what being a spanish minor has to do with CI though LOL. it's mayan :) [/QUOTE]

    We spent a semester in one of my Spanish courses learning about the Aztecs, Mayans, and Incans.  I've been intrigued by them since then and since I've been to Peru, Chitchen Itza is next!  The Mayans are included in Spanish culture. <img src="http://cdn.cl9.vanillaforums.com/downloaded/ver1.0/content/scripts/tinymce/plugins/emotions/images/smiley-laughing.gif" border="0" alt="Laughing" title="Laughing" />

    Thanks for all the info!
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    LOL thought you meant spanish language not history :)


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    It's no problem !!  I figured that's what you meant...I studied both the language and the culture/history.  It was a bit of everything. Laughing
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