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    Woo 9 days left at work excited.

    DH and I really have no plans this weekend. I need to get rid of old clothes and start the parent albums so I might dip into that a little other then that just sleeping in and relaxing :)

    Have a fun weekend girls.
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    Dress is in so going today to the shop to see it! Tonight probably doing a Catholic Marriage prep online worksheet because our subscription is almost up (whooops).
    Tomorrow- finishing Christmas shopping at the outlets. I am so behind this year! Then going to Mystic's Latern Light Tour at night!

    Sunday- nothing.

    Enjoy your weekend everyone!
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    Today: having brunch with my mentor and then going Christmas shopping for FI and wrapping whatever I buy.  Then a friend's band is playing in M'town tonight, so might be hitting that show up
    Tomorrow: DRESS!  Yay it's in, can't wait to see it :)
    Sunday: dinner with FI's grandparents because his cousin is going to London with her British bf for Christmas
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    Got the day off!! Since I have not start my Christmas shopping I'm going to attempt to do some today. DH and I usually wait until the last minuteTongue out
    Sat: Spending the day in NYC and then dinner with DH's ex-coworkers there. 
    Sun: DH's grandma's Christmas party at some Peruvian Restaurant in Milford. Never had Peruvian food so kind of excited to try. 
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    TG is right!!!

    Tonight: Get the nails done and do some shopping for Christmas!

    Tmrw: Gym, run some errands, go to the mall to do some more shopping with FI & Christmas party at night.

    Sunday: NADA!! Thank god! Hopefully there is snow!!

    Have a great weekend girls!
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    I have to now clean our wedding explosion house lol. DH's sister stayed to watch our dog and actually cleaned up most of it, it's the honeymoon luggage and laundry that now has to be dealt with. Plus my Mom is bring over all of the stuff that was left at the venue after the wedding. So i'm going to need to find a place for that as well.
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