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Ok so it's a little premature, but we got an offer on the house today and all I'm thinking about is packing!  We still have a bunch of stuff left over from the wedding so basically just name your price and come pick it up!  I'll seriously take whatever you think it's worth- we just need to get rid of it, and it is too painful for me to think about just putting it out at that curb for trash pick up since I loved it, and made lots of it!
   Here's a list, ask for pictures if you want them.  Email me though cuz I'm not on here much.  Honeeb34 at aol dot com

Large Birdcage (we used for cards)- about 4 ft tall on stand, or you could take it off the stand and put it on a table and it'd be about 2 feet tall. 

3 chalkboards in gold frames (various sizes)

2 gold wicker baskets

3 large ivory metal baskets with a couple metal birds

6 flower bouquets, silk, was going to use these for bridesmaids but went with live flowers-Ivory, green, navy- very realistic, from

6 Jelly jars with turquoise lace and twine around them (from rehearsal dinner)

Peacock plume pen
(for guestbook) 

Large Cupcake Stand- solid wood, great construction, reinforced for holding heavy cake- gold with lace trim, could probably fit 100 cupcakes

White wooden board
with 64 nails in it, we used for hanging guest cards

2 easels- probably 5 feet tall.  Held our framed chalk boards and were sturdy

Miscellaneous flip flop pairs
- different colored pairs, left over from "dancing shoes", about 1 dozen

100 chinese food boxes-
white- brand new (never did our candy buffet) pint size I think

hand crafted bird nest we used instead of ring bearer pillow (faux moss inside)

Gold size 10 ballet flats- I needed a different size, these are never worn

Size 11 ivory ballet flats

White Tommy Hilfiger knee length robe
- worn for about 2 hours getting ready. 

11 Marigold gold/yellow gauzy table cloth overlays
8/12 March Siggy- reception venue!
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