When did you/When are you planning to...

-Send Save the Dates
-Send Invites
-Book transportation
-Reserve linens (tablecloths, etc)

Just trying to see if my timeline matches up..planning to send my invites out about 2.5 months in advance (we're doing the dreaded A list/B List as I have a lot of elderly relatives that need to be invited but will most likely not attend).


Re: When did you/When are you planning to...

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    -Send Save the Dates- 11 months in advance (we sent them so early because we're getting married on a holiday weekend). Otherwise, I probably would have sent them out 8 months early.

    -Send Invites- Planning to do this 2.5-3 months in advance

    -Book transportation-  We booked our limo and town car 11 months in advance (FI has a family friend who works for the company and we wanted to make sure we booked him in time to make sure he was our driver!)

    -Reserve linens (tablecloths, etc)- Linens are provided by our venue. We'll probably let them know what colors we've chosen at our 6-month meeting
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    We sent our save the dates at 9 months. We got married 2 weeks before Christmas so wanted to make sure everyone had enough notice. We sent our Invites at 2.5 months and actually requested our RSVP's back much earlier than most because we were concerned about them getting lost in the Christmas card shuffle.

    I have everything booked about 5 months before the wedding.
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    We did STDs at 6 months and invites at 3 months. I didn't need to book transportation or linens but I would think sooner than later is better! Those types of things don't seem to be too time sensative (just don't wait til last minute!)
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    We'll send out STDs at 10-11 months as it is over Labor Day and people make plans far in advance (I'm glad I already told some people word of mouth, because some were about to book a house on the Cape for the week, and some have elected to rent houses on the CT shore for the week, etc.) We'll probably send out invitations 2 months in advance. I'll probably pick linens by March, so 6-8 months out, but it's cuz I want specific linens. Transportation is an optional thing for us, as we're getting married, taking pictures, and having the reception in the same place. I think we'll rent a bus for guests in a few months, and if we have extra money, maybe a convertible for the get-away car but only a few weeks out if the budget allows!



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    Save the dates - We're mailing them in about a week or so. So right around 8 months.

    Invitations - Mailing 2 months in advance.

    Linens - My venue provides these. I will have to provide them with the color at our 6 month meeting.

    Transportation - none needed since everything is so close together.
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    We are going to do STDs 6 months in advance.  Invitations 2.5 - 3 months before wedding.  Linens are included with my venue, I will need to pick them out, but not for a while.

    I have been looking into transportation, so I would like to book soon to be safe.  So I'd say I will book around 8 months. 

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    Save the dates - we sent them around 9 months in advance as our wedding is the weekend of Columbus Day

    Invitations - Going out this weekend for our 10/8 wedding!  YAY!!!

    Linens - Provided by the venue

    Transportation - once I found a vendor with a great deal (Legends & Alumni Limo), I booked them ASAP - it was probably 8 or 9 months in advance
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    Sounds like I am on the same schedule as most other knotties...

    STD - we are taking our EPics in late August and hoping to send the STDs in mid-late Sept. That will be 9 months in advance. We are getting married in the middle of "wedding season" so I want to get the STDs out as soon as possible. I figure you can never be too early with STDs!
    Invitations - Planning on sending them 3 mos in advance
    Linens - Provided by the venue
    Transportation - no need for professional transportation for the WP. Our ceremony, reception, and overnight accomodations are all at the same place.
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    STDs- We will probably send them out in early January for our August wedding.
    Invitiations- I'm planning to have these out in the middle of May
    Linens - Provided by our venue
    Transportation - We have to start looking into that!
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    I'm planning on sending STD's at about 7 months out (around Jan).  Since our wedding in in the middle of summer when people take vacations, I wan't to make sure they know about it.

    I'll probably send the invites 2 months out (around end of May, early June)

    I booked my transportation, and all other vendors about 1 year and 3 months out!  I like having everything done ASAP!!

    Our venue provides the linens, so I'm not sure on this one.
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    Our timeline was a little different because we got engaged about 8 months before getting married, so nothing took longer than that!

    Save the Dates went out at about 6 months, which seemed to be plenty of time.  Invites were at aobut 2 1/2 months before the wedding.  We booked our limo pretty last minute, but only got a car for DH and I, maybe 3 weeks before the wedding?  Linens were all taken care of by the venue and caterer.

    I do think in general getting started booking transportation ASAP is a good idea, depending on what you are looking for.
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    Thanks guys!!! This definitely helps...just want to make sure I'm "within normal timeframes" :)
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