I absolutely LOVE the pic in your signature!  And I stalked your bio a bit, and LOVE all your engagement shots!

Can you tell me a bit about your photographer?  Pricing, etc.?  I've already emailed them, but didn't know if you had any insider tips!  Feel free to PM me if you prefer.




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    I'm going to start off by disappointing you. I have a terrible memory for numbers and the information about their pricing is at my parents house (my parents are paying and they like to keep the documents with them) so I can't tell you how much they are without running the risk of giving you the pricing for our DJ...or my dress. However I can tell you that so far my experience with them has been amazing and I have yet to see a bad review about them. They have been extremely helpful, always get back to me quickly and did a wonderful job of making us feel comfortable during the e-pic shoot.
    We are using Logan because Brian was unavailable for our wedding date (we called 16 months in advance and he was already booked!) But I love love love Logan's work so I'm happy. Logan is the one who made our STDs (on my bio) with only the instructions "black, white and red" and they have received so many compliments from our guests.
    Also I'd suggest checking out their facebook page. They "sign" the pictures on there so you can see who took which pictures.
     Not sure if any of that was helpful, if you have more questions feel free to ask and I'll see if I can answer them.
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