Reception Decision - Mahan's lakeview

  I am in the beginning stages of the wedding planning and was looking into Mahan's Lakeview in Wolcott, CT.

Anyone have any reviews?  Positive and negative would be appreciated.



Re: Reception Decision - Mahan's lakeview

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    I just went to my first wedding here this past September. The building on the outside looks like someone's house from the 80's. They do have a cute little chapel on site to get married in if that's your thing. The food was delish and I know that the wedding I was at, was done on a tight budget and the venue accomodated them perfectly.
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    We went to a wedding there last year and had an amazing time.  In fact it was one of the most fun weddings we've been to and we've been to 17 in the last 3.5 years :0) Everything was so amazing that we looked into it for our upcoming wedding but found that although pretty much everything was included except the photographer that it was pricey.  After taxes and other fees for a Sunday wedding we were looking at $140 per person.  Yes it cuts out a lot of leg work: u dont have to look for a dj, cake, chapel etc but we didn't think the price per person evened out.  The chapel is absolutely beautiful and breathtaking.  We also looked at the Aqua Turf Club in Plantsville, CT and I wish I could take the chapel from Mahan's and bring it over to Aqua Turf Club.  We even asked Mahan's if we could hold the ceremony in the chapel if we did not use their reception facility and they said no :0( So we'll be getting married in Memorial Chapel at Wesleyan University.  Anywho, if Mahan's is in your budget I highly recommend it.  i was impressed with their sound system, multiple tv screens, video technology, and slideshow option.  Just make sure you find out what the final total is per person because at first the price looked great.  Then when everything was added in we knew we couldn't afford it. If you have any other questions let me know.  GL 
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    My mother wants me to look there, it seems like it includes a lot of stuff. But it's not my thing, make sure you go look at it, and such. 

    I've heard some not so very nice reviews. 
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    We got married there in June of 2009 and it ran more smoothly than I ever could have asked for. Ours was on a Sunday. We used the chapel for the ceremony. Our DJ was Chris and he was fantastic - got a lot of compliments on him.  He took pictures of our guests for the slideshow and also gave us a CD of all our songs at the end of the night. The food was delicious. We did not use their photographer - we used HK. I think our total cost for Mahan's was about $11,000 and that included the DJ, limo, chapel, and cake, so I thought it was pretty reasonable. My cousin also got married there last November and their wedding was great, too.

    If you have any specific questions, feel free to e-mail me at LaLee628 at gmail dot com since I only check in here sporadically. I'd be glad to answer what I can! :)
    Good luck w/ your planning!
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    We were married there this past September and I can't say one negative thing about it.. nor could our guests!  People are still talking about how fantastic the venue was!! ! The food was perfection, absolutely delicious! The timeline was spot on!  We had our ceremony in the chapel and I am SO happy we did, the view is like nothing else. I really have no complaints, it was a perfect day.
    If you have more questons feel free to contact me!
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