Bridal Favor Help?

To start it off, I have 8 bridesmaids, and we're also on a very tight budget. That being said, would it be cheesy if I just bought them the jewlery that I wanted them to wear with their dresses and nothing else? I just don't think my budget allows for not only their jewelry but another gift..
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Re: Bridal Favor Help?

  • rswan412rswan412 member
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    The general consensus on the boards (correct me if I'm wrong...) is that getting your BM's a gift to use for the wedding isn't technically a gift. Shop for them like it's their birthday, with a 20$ limit. Now if you're getting jewelry for them to use every day, I think that's different. You aren't obligated to buy them their jewelery.

    That being said, it's your wedding, I say do what you want. There are also a lot of cute crafty DIY things- wire hangers with their names, coasters, etc that you could make for super cheap!
  • Carebear62584Carebear62584 member
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    I've heard the same thing.....however, it all depends on your circle of friends.  I was a bridesmaid in 3/5 of my bridesmaid's weddings and our gift was jewelry.  Some paid a little extra for pedicures or hair/makeup, but the main part of our  gift was jewelry and I find that to be ok.  Everyone knows you are on a tight budget when planning a wedding so I don't think anyone minds if they only get jewelry....I certainly wouldn't!
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    I went to the Coach outlet in Mass, and got all BMs a wristlet. 30$ each, and they loved them! They also got a cute bracelet, but not necessarily to wear at the wedding (half chose to wear it, the others didn't). I think I spent 50$ total on each girl.

    You can go the wristlet route and add in Burts Bees chapstick or a nice lip gloss and that would be fine, and in a tight budget. You have twice as many BMs as I did, so I HTH.

    Good Luck!
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  • jacki8788jacki8788 member
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    I get the whole "don't get them something they'll need for the wedding" thing, and it's really thoughtful, but I don't necessarily think you need to follow it. If you're on a budget, do what you can--don't cause yourself more stress & debt on your wedding day. They're your closest friends/family; they'll understand and appreciate whatever it is you decide to give them. I wouldn't mind getting jewelry at all. I'd probably prefer to get something a little more "personal," but it's a gift, so why complain?

    There are plenty of little DIY things you could add on in addition to the jewelry, if you wanted to make it more personal (as PP mentioned). Maybe a photo frame w/ a quote, or a cute mirror with some rhinestones, or a little jewelry box?  :)
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  • Whtara10Whtara10 member
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    You can go to the coach outlet in Clinton an get wristlets pretty cheap. That's what I was thinking about doing.
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    The wristlet is a GREAT idea!!
  • banana468banana468 member
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    Would the jewelry be their style?  If it isn't then it's not even in the gift realm.

    If you buy jewelry that goes with their dresses you can give it as a gift if you don't put any strings attached to it and require that they wear it.  SIL gave us chocolate pearl earrings that went with our dresses as our BM gifts but we didn't have to wear them at the wedding - we just chose to.

    OR just tell them that they can wear their own jewelry and get them something cute like the wrislets.

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