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Secrets Maroma in October?? Help!

I've read a TON of reviews on here and on trip advisor. The reviews for the resort are great, except a lot of people complain that you have to get up early to save chairs at the pool. Has anyone been there in October and was this a problem? I didn't know if this was always a problem or just during their busy times. Thanks for any input!!

Re: Secrets Maroma in October?? Help!

  • I'm interested in this too, although we'll be traveling the first week of November.
  • My fiance and I were also looking at this resort for this coming November. I have read the reviews about saving chairs, but hoped that it wouldn't be so bad since it is off season. Although, we did read a lot of reviews that there were issues with hot water and rusty water in the jacuzzi's. We don't want to pay all that money if we can't even take a hot shower. Can any one comment? Thanks!
  • I just booked Secrets last night and ditto for all the negative reviews on TA regarding chair saving!!!  (even though everything else sounds beyond wonderful) The only thing that I can say is that there are tons of recent reviews from when everyone was there at Christmas/New Years when it's their busy season so hopefully by the off season (we're going in July-Nov) it won't be as crazy RE: pool chairs.  Can't wait though!
  • I'm also looking at this resort for an October honeymoon, along with the 2 other Secrets in the area (Capri and Silversands).  If anyone has any thoughts about which one is best, I would love to hear from you!
  • I just booked Secrets Maroma for my  honeymoon in October!  Based on the reviews I think any of the Secrets resorts in Mexico would be a good choice.  I think there won't be as much seat saving in October (less busy than now) but I could be wrong.  We're sooo excited!!
  • We are strongly considering booking Secrets Maroma for October too!  We're  meeting with our Travel Agent at AAA tomorrow.  My fiance and I are torn between Secrets Maroma, Sandals Grande St. Lucia and now I just found out Secrets is opening 2 new resorts in Jamaica this March.  I'm trying to read as much info as I can so we can make the best decision.  The Secrets resorts are a lot less expensive then the Sandals Grand in St Lucia and they look just as nice.  Does anyone know of the types of excursions you can go on in Riviera Mexico?  I've never been to Mexico, St. Lucia or Jamaica...any input on comparing the different places?  I've only been to Bermuda and St John in the Virgin Islands.  I'm concerned about Mexico and Jamaica being too touristy/busy...is this the case?
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