$9.00 per glass of wine? Suggestions please

We are getting married at a B&B near Mystic-great food, lovely garden and grounds, rooms look like a 5 star hotel.

But we just got the contract (after asking for it since April).  It turns out that the red wine we picked is going to be $9 a glass for the consumption based bar.  They do not offer any other type of bar pricing.

The chef and another staff person told us that we would pay less than the restaurant wine list price but in the contract it is exactly the same price.

They gave us the name of the wine and we bought a few bottles at $18.  I expected we would pay a mark up from that but we are already spending a ton to rent the propery plus $75 per person on food not including cake or the brunch the next day.

At 37 days out, we're not sure what to do about this-$9 a glass is crazy but the only cheaper option is "NV" (no vintage) and I can't find it to try it but it is not supposed to be any good.

Is anybody paying this kind of mark up on bottles of wine?

Re: $9.00 per glass of wine? Suggestions please

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    That is outrageous and if it were me, I'd definitely try to strike a compromise with them. Maybe try to sell them on the fact that you will be guaranteeing sales of this wine so they do not have to charge $9 per glass considering it's $18 per bottle. Why can't you purchase base on the bottle price per consumption vs. per glass consumption?
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    We are paying $36 per bottle, they say 4 glasses of wine per bottle.

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    Wine generally is about 4 glasses per bottle - if you are pouring it at home.

    However, they tend to pour less at a bar, so they generally get 6 glasses out of a bottle.

    The $9 price tag per glass is outrageous, though, and I suggest that maybe you buy a couple cases of wine and have someone serve that instead?
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    we paid $4 per glass at our wedding.  $9 is OUTRAGEOUS.

    can you ask the venue to let you sample the other wine?  or maybe they can ship you a bottle so you can try it?

    if nothing else, call them and told them you were quoted a lower price, and ask why the contract reflects the menu price.  if they refuse to budge on the price, ask if you can simply bring in your own bottles of wine and have them serve.  the corkage fee is likely to be WAY less than $9 a glass!
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