Some questions...

Hi!  I have some questions and wonder if someone can help answer :)

1) I will potentially have lots of favors leftover at the end of the wedding.  Has anyone ever have this issue and ever considered giving them away to the vendors (ie. venue staff etc).

2) I don't understand the toasting etiquette but I have learned that it's bad to ask.  Not that I want anyone to do it, in fact me and FI will be making one to the guests but I'm afraid that someone might want to do it on the day of (if they don't mention it before hand), I mean you never know right? lol


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    1) I am sure that your guest will take them and if not.... the venue staff will take them even if you don't give them away.  
    I worked for this guy who used to do parties and once the everyone leaves, the staff will take everything.... I used to take stuff for my sister's kids. :)

    2) no idea... 
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    1) It depends on the venue.  My venue, The Gershon Fox, does not take anything unless they are told. They packed up all items and we were able to gather those things up after we returned from our honeymoon. So if you don't mind if they are taken communicate it.  Any venue that would assume, sounds super unprofessional.

    2) Our MOH and Best man asked us prior as well as my Dad.  We instructed our DJ to not give anyone the mic as we didn't want it to become a toasting free for all. However, a more casual intimate wedding, I think it would be nice to allow it.
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    I'm leaving my favor at each seat so I will have leftovers.  I think I'll just give them away to my vendors.

    Thanks for the responses girls!
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    One piece of advice i can give is... don't spend a ton of money on your favors, because there will be many guests who won't take them.  It's tempting to go all out and spend a lot of money on customized votive candle holders and all of that, but you may very well be left with 50 of them at the end of the night.  It happened to my future brother and sister in law.
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