going green?

is anyone doing anything green for their wedding? if so, what vendors did you use?  i've been trying to find different local vendors but am curious what every else is doing!

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    Instead of throw-away type bags for welcome bags I got re-usable beach-like totes. 

    I'm not doing individual menu cards. I might write the menu deli/diner special style on a big chalkboard! 

    Our venue doesn't do placecards. They sit you restaurant style so I don't have to come up with a silly gift or yet another piece of paper to be thrown away. 

    No aisle runner to be tossed or just used once. 

    Our guests can ask for their meal to be wrapped up and we can bring non consumed meals home. I hate wasted food! I'm going to bring some of our own containers for us and close family members that I would get my dish back from. 

    We didn't use any "green vendors" per se. I did "try" to make the green choice wherever possible. I know florists is an area to go green by using local in season flowers. We could have made a more conscious effort if we really tried. 

    When it came to the registry, my poor fiance didn't know how political registering was going to be!  Absolutely no plastic! Pyrex all the way! I also tried to pick USA made products where the option was available and was along similar pricelines as foreign made products. Go Fiestaware and USAPANS! 
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    We did everything we could to have an eco-friendly green wedding!

    Venue is a backyard farm that doubles as the CT Carriage Museum.

    Rings are from a local jewelry shop, and the diamond in my engagement ring is a family heirloom. If we decide to put diamonds in my wedding band they will be the factory made ones, I refuse to have any sort of blood diamond possibility in my jewlery.

    My dress is from Brides to Be in Glastonbury- a consignment shop. My dress was never worn to a wedding but was a store sample gown. It was in my budget and more than I ever imagined! By being a used gown, no new resourcers were used to make it, esp foreign labor.

    Flowers, as the PP did, are from a florist and all are in season and nothing is being specially shipped from anywhere crazy.

    No isle runner for us. We are decorating with tulle fabric that we are getting cheap online and afterwards I will be donating to past theater companies I have worked for. We are also using white christmas lights, and splitting the cost with another bride who is a family friend-her wedding is 2 months after mine. After her wedding, we are splitting the lights between us to use for other purposes.

    We are skipping having "swag" (as my FI calls it) at the wedding. No gifts that get left behind or thrown out- we are doing a candy table. We both have major sweet teeth and love the idea!

    On the invites we skipped a lot of extra filler paper: inner envelopes and menu cards-plus we saved on postage! We made our own invites (time consuming but fun!) for a third of the cost and I was able to pick out all of the recycled paper myself.

    I had a lot more fun planning the wedding keeping it green. It feels good to be doing the best I can, it is amazing how wasteful (both with resources and money) a wedding can be! I used a book called "Eco-Chic Wedding" to help me out, it was a fun quick read and very helpful.

    Good luck ladies!
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