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I was talking to another teacher at my school today and she just got married. She suggested skipping favors in place of making a donation. She said her sister did that and let the bridal party vote on which one to select.

I am thinking this might be nice because Matt's dad has MS and my grandmother had pancreatic cancer so we have two very special charities we could donate to.

Do you all think this would be okay? I was going to do those tree in a box things.But is everyone going to plant their tree? Probably not.

Do you think it'd be a nice gesture or do people really care about getting something?
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Re: Favors

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    I'm in the camp of "unless I can eat it or use it, I don't want it" when it comes to favors.

    The donation is a lovely idea, and here is a small idea to kinda combine a favor and the donation.

    Head over to like a Dollar Tree or some place similar and buy a bunch of small frames (nothing really bigger than 5" x 7"), I'd wait till you get your full head count to do this by the way too.

    Take that number and buy that many frames.  For each frame have a piece of cardstock printed with something like:

    The Bride and Groom have donated <INSERT DOLLAR AMOUNT HERE />  to <INSERT CHARITY OF CHOICE HERE /> in your honor

    I think a $1 would be sufficiant, unless you want to make a larger donation; cause hey, even if you only have 25 guests and donate a dollar per guest, that's still $25 towards research or helping the families or something!

    The frames don't have to be anything super fancy or elaborate, just something people could use (you can never have too many picture frames).

    This way, they'd have a favor and you could do the donation!

    It was just a thought.
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  • It seems here on The Knot, many brides feel its inappropriate to give donations...thinking it's reaching out to try and grab some kind of good samaritan act.  My cousin got married a couple years ago and made a donation to the Leukemia Society.  Our grandmother passed away from this many years ago and she was very near and dear to our heart and the Leukemia Society had helped her through some of her bills and hard times.  To me, it was a lovely way to remember her and hopefully help someone else out.  I don't think my cousin is all that great and wonderful for it, but applaud her for doing something good, remembering a beloved family member, and not just getting stuff that someone will just throw away.

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  • Thanks ladies. I def don't want to do to be some kind of saint or whatever but I thought it might be more useful. I just threw away a shot glass from the last wedding I went to and I felt bad doing it but I wasn't going to use it ever.

    I think the frames would be cute because then people feel like they're getting something and we can donate.
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  • Oh found a sweet link about an idea for this...


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  • I've gotten one of those tree favors before....... not to say it wasn't nice or anything, but none of us (9 of us) planted ours. I felt bad later, but honestly, where am I going to put a tree?! In a pot in my apartment? LOL. Plus, for people who already have nice landscaping-- unless its your mom or dad-- they're not going to do it.
    I like the donation idea. It sounds easy for you and you're helping other people in the process. I'd say go for it.
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    Well,  the knotties on the board don't have a problem with donations or that it is inappropriate.  It is how you go about it, if you want to make a donation that is fine, but  I don't need a card or anything on my plate saying that they made the donation on my behalf to so and so charity.  Because I think its a waste of paper.  I rather not see paper being wasted, when something like a small sign by the guest book or something can tell me that and the rest of the guest.  Also, remember not everyone considers donation as a favor  and not everyone will agree with your charities because there is always something more important to them personally.  So there are alot of issues with this that you will need to work through. 

    But I am all for a donation, because it is actually helping people in need.  Just be careful how you present that to your guest, because  I think that is where the problem arises. 

    If you want,  I think there is a sticky on the Favors board that addresses donations as favor issues. 
  • I absolutely LOVE those donation cards on that website you listed miracle!! What a great idea.  My uncle passed away from ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease) last year and I've been working hard trying to bring awarness and think I may make a donation in the name of my wedding in his memory.
    Thanks for the idea you guys!
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  • I think a donation is lovely if it fits you and your families personalities. Such as someone has been diagnosed/ or died from something in particular. My cousin (who i am very close with) was diagnosed with diabetes when he was very young. They were on vacation when he became very ill and several doctors mis- diagnosed him. Then they took him to a hospital because it got so bad. At the hospital they discovered the diabetes. If they had waited another day or two he would have died. What a way to spend a vacation.

    Anyways I digress. A donation is not our style. We are more of the go out and help the actual person kind. You know good Samaritan/ volunteer/ donate blood or food. So we are doing a traditional favor. Fiance is making origami cranes. Everyone always loves then and asks him to make them. I was thinking about turning them into ornaments.

    Definitely go with a donation if you want to. It is much better then things going to waste or tossed away later.
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  • I'm in the if if I can't eat or use it then it's garbage camp. Also I while I think it would be good to make a donation when you get married, I wouldn't do it in the honor of the guests.
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