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item from registry not received, WWYD?

I'm curious what you ladies think of this situation.

A coffee grinder popped off of our registry about 3 months ago (wedding was 10/1) and we have never received it.  I checked with BB&B and they are only able to identify the purchaser if the item was to be sent to us and low and behold the coffee grinder wasn't on that list.

All of our thank you notes have been sent and I really feel bad that whoever got it for us won't receive one as we never received the gift.  It makes me wonder what happened to it:  was it somehow lost at the wedding?  Or did whoever it was decide to keep it for themselves?  Or forgot to give it to us?  I'm not about to start asking around "hey, did you get us a coffee grinder?" so my instinct is to just let it go and not worry about it.  I just feel bad if it got lost somewhere and the person thinks we're rude not to send a thank you note.

What would you do?
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