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October 2011 Weddings


Ok Thought I would start us 10/11 brides off with a color post. Just thought I would see what all you ladies are using for your wedding. My FI and I are planning on using copper, mango, and ivory. Now if we could just decide on where to have it I would be a lot happier. We want to have it at a relatives house but we don't know which one to pick. Ok enough of my ranting. Also, I know on my old board we had siggy challenges. Was just wondering if you ladies would like to start that or wait a while. We could do a monthly one for now until it gets closer to our dates. If not that's ok
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Re: Colors!!

  • Hi MichelleI love green so as it stands I am going for Clover and Persimmon from the Alfred Angelo color swatches, but that could change.  I am going totally into the Fall theme, I am planning on using sunflowers, mango calla lillies and ivory and rust colored gerber daises in my bouquets, but like you said it's still early.  We already have our place and booked it, and I found my dress.  So we are ahead of the game
  • I'm having a really hard time picking so maybe you ladies can give me some input. We're having a Halloween reception so I immediately thought of black, orange and purple but I don't want to look tacky in the actual wedding so a burnt orange would look better but I'm not sure how that would really look. I also figured fall colors would be a great choice, so browns, oranges and reds but I don't want red. I really like purple in weddings so maybe brown, orange and purple, again a burnt orange but I'm really getting stuck on purple and orange together. They go together according to the color wheel but what do you ladies think?
  • Oh and I think a siggy challenge would be fun :) I think it's probably best to do a monthly one until we get going.
  • Jessica I think Purple and Orange would be good together. I would either go with a little darker orange or maybe get an accent color that way the orange doesn't stand out too much. Andrea Green and Persimmon look so great together. I as well plan on using gerbera daisies just not sure which colors yet. They are my favorite flower so they will be the main flower. And as far as a siggy challenge goes why don't we start it at the beginning of August. I'll come up with some different ideas and post on the 1st then we'll vote on which one.
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  • Sounds great!I'm really leaning towards purple and orange at this point. The more I look at it, the more I love it.
  • Thanks for starting the 10/11 brides off! As for colors, we're doing a jewel purple (with more of a pink undertone; called Sangria at Davidsbridal.com), silver (or champange), and possibly black. We're getting married at the end of the month, so I really liked the purple because it was a good transition color from fall into winter. We're not going to be outdoors at all, so we don't have to worry so much about clashing with the natural fall colors. Also, I'm new to the boards, so I don't know what a siggy challenge is... Anyone care to fill me in?
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  • Siggy is just your signature, which you can change when you edit your profile. The challenge is usually something like "a picture of you and your FH being silly" and you put a picture of that in your signature. If you check other boards, like the October 2010 board, you can see below their posts they have their current siggy challenge. It's just a cute, fun thing to do.
  • HELLO LADIES!shainarae714 - I am using Sangria too! I'm accenting with orange and green as of right now. Everyones colors sound beautiful! Can't wait to see pictures as we all arrive closer to our dates.
  • We are doing all fall colors.We're mainly using choc. brown, red, and yellow.Our theme is going to be sunflowers and red roses :) both my favorite flower.Although it is early, sunflowers and roses are really important to us. My FI's grandfather passed away a few days before we got engaged (FI had planned a really romantic getaway so we ended up leaving for it a day after the funeral), and at the funeral were sunflowers and red roses, we both knew instantly that those were our flowers/theme because FI and his grandfather were extremely close.It will be a nice way to remember him and their relationship.
  • Countrygirl I love what you are doing for your flowers. That is so sweet!
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  • Thanks Michelle.  I am bouncing around so many ideas for colors and favors, and flowers it's not funny how many times I have changed things.  This is what happens when you have alot of time to plan. 
  • I totally agree! I should have been getting close to my 1 year out so there is a lot of stuff I already have planned just not set up. Now that I'm adding another year I think I'm going to try and take the next year off.
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  • Our colors are light pink and silver with the accent color of a mint green. I want to have pink roses as my boquet tied with a silver ribbon. I think the siggy challenges sound like it could be fun. I am new at this thing so it could be interesting.
  • hi everyone ive been here on the knot before helping two of my friends plan their weddings...and right now im so lost.i already have my gown and i love the pool blue accent it has. me and my fi are still throwing out color ideas to match with it and with a fall themed wedding without throwing in halloween.
  • Hey all! I'm newly engaged and finishing grad school, so I'm trying to hold off on planning much until we know where we'll be living and what I'll be doing! Since it's difficult to keep it out of my mind, I've been thinking of colors and the general feeling we'll want for the wedding. I think I want to have harvest vegetables like pumpkins and gourds at the reception and I love the idea of using a chocolate brown as a neutral color with burnt orange as an accent color. I'm not sure what flowers I'll use, but I love the idea of using herbs as part of the arrangements. I'm glad we have a long time to think through the details! -A
  • Siggy Challenge sounds fun...I've been on the knot a while but I'm not part of any "group"...I mostly just read others' ideas...Our colors are black and red...because I love red...and fi didn't like my original color scheme which was a chocolate, teal, burnt orange kind of theme...so we compromised with black and red. Our wedding is outdoors in my mom's back yard....the other details are still in the making..especially how we're going to pull it off for under $5000. Happy planning ladies!!

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  • I had a really hard time picking colors, but I finally settled on red and orange with accents of gold. I'm also planning on going with gerbera daisies. I can't wait!!
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  • Don't forget that CHocolate is a popular color! We're doing chocolate and hot pink with baby Yellow accents. I like the purple and orange idea! Are you having it outside? didn't see anything on that above but may have just missed it. If so I'd incorporate an earthy color to add it all together.
  • hello ladies...im so excited,i recently sat down with my maid of honor and my two bridesmaids and talked ot them about colors. since my dress has a blue accent trim we are using it for the color of accents for the flowers. We also picked out light purple daisies,pale yellow roses and a dark red hydrangeas for the flowers and colors of each of their dresses.im so excited also we found another venue who also are perfect bc they have an outdoor tented area. www.mountainbranch.com
  • I'm still so confused on this! haha...I'm one of the most indecisive people I know so I'm hoping this wedding doesn't make me nutty by the end of it! I'm going with a fall theme, I know that much.
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