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How To......

• To create or edit your signature, click on the Smiley Face icon [Update Bio] at the top of the board. • Place your coding & HTML in the Signature box. Here are some common codes to use, just always remember to remove the *'s: Signature Codes - Picture in Signature It is recommended that you use http://www.tinyurl.com/ - TK coding will not work right if the URL is too long & your picture will end up being a giant red X. TinyUrl takes your lengthy URL & makes it only several characters long. Note that you can adjust the width numbers [if photo is landscape orientation] to make your picture larger or smaller, or adjust the height numbers [if photo is portrait orientation] to do the same. Signature Codes - Clicky Links What you want your clicky link text to read This will take your URL & turn it into a clickable link, except the link can read whatever text you choose. A lot of Knotties use this for their bios or blogs. Signature Codes - Line Breaks After your text/code/whatever, enter . Whatever is after this code will appear on the next line. • When you're done, remember to click Save Changes! Posting Codes - Picture in Post [PIP] This coding/HTML varies from the signature coding. To post a picture, you can either simply right click on the picture, click copy & then paste in your post. If this doesn't work, use this code - remove the *'s!: [img*]Image URL here[/*img] Posting Codes - Other Codes These bracket codes that are used to PIP can be used interchangeably within TK when posting. [b*]TEXT[*/b] = Bolded Text [i*]TEXT[*/i] = Italicized Text [u*]TEXT[*/u] = Underlined Text [url*]LINK URL HERE[*/url] = Clickable link
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