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October 2011 Weddings

a little worried........

So I'm not sure if we will have to move our wedding to 2012, were saving money since were paying for the wedding ourselves and one of my cousins is getting married next year(October) and well I would feel terrible if I didn't go.also my FSIL asked us to go to her daughter's graduation and he really wants to go(June) .thing is all our family lives in California so if we go we will be spending money in airline tickets,food you get the idea. trying not to stress or get worried about it because we won't know for sure until the middle of next year. I guess if it happens it gives us more time to save more money which is a good thing, 3 years sounds so far away though......... thanks ladies for letting me vent
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Re: a little worried........

  • I would hate to see you have to push it back a year. Here's an idea though. If you wouldn't feel weird asking her see if FSIL would pay for your flight for the graduation. I mean it doesn't hurt to ask and I'm sure if you explain the situation she might be willing to do it. Or maybe go half & half. Hope this idea helps.
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  • We couldn't my FSIL has 3 kids and she is not working so I doubt that she would be able to financially,but thanks for the idea,we decided that he will attend the graduation by himself and then I will go to my cousins wedding with out him,yeah it sucks but he can't take time off from work to do both and well we wouldn't be gone too long, this way we can save money and not change the date. thanks for listening Michelle !!
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  • you're welcome!!!! Glad you guys got it figured out
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  • Three years can sound far away but a wedding prolonged might be better than the stress of trying to (and maybe not being able to) fit everything in at once.  I got engaged in 2003 and my wedding is now being planned for 2011.  My philosophy...it'll be worth the wait! haha
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