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6 months for photos?!

This seems a bit ridiculous, but she is a perfectionist...
My photographer said 8-10 weeks after the wedding to expect an e-mail with a link to view the photos. The high res images will be available 6 months after my wedding...
Should I ask why so long or just ride it out??We're not getting an album or anything, I just wanna see some damn photos :)

Re: 6 months for photos?!

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    what?? i'd patiently wait 6 months until i got the photos, then write reviews everywhere possible. that's beyond unacceptable. even 3 months is stretching it...they better be damn good! 
  • My photographer also has quoted us up to 6 months. We are only getting a disc as well. She took about 800 photos that all need to be edited and touched up. She also has many other shoots that she is doing at the same time that she is editing our photos. It does seem like a long time and I was a bit shocked when she first quoted us up to 6 months. But she did get our preview shots done within 2 days of the wedding and they were so good I'm willing to wait the 6 months for the others.
  • That seems reasonable IF she is doing post-processing on the photos rather than just handing over the digital files.  It sounds like she may be, and that could take a while, especially if she has other weddings/photo shoots going on.

    If she's telling you it while take 6 months to dump images to disk with no editing, that is too long.
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  • Idk. That's a long friggin time. Our wedding was in the busiest month of the year for the city wedding-wise, and our photos are done, edited and all, just shy of 6 weeks. I'm on Facebook with our photog and homeboy has shoots all the time. I'd be annoyed, for sure.
  • Yeah 6 months seems too long to me. However we were pleased with a major pro who is skilled enough to turn them out in a week completely post-processed. 849 pictures! 

    I would say the longest that seems reasonable is 3 months turn over, but that seems a lot to me if no album is involved.
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