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October 2011 Weddings

Pew decorations

I was originally going to try some DIY pomanders, but I don't think it will look quite right with the pews. I'm now thinking some kind of tulle or bow to go around the ends of the pews. I don't really care for a lot of the pre-made bows though.

I found this pic from another board...

They're chair sashes! I think it looks great. She said it was $17 including shipping.

I may end up doing this, this is definitely the look I'm going for. It's simple but still looks nice. And those pews in the picture are about what the ones look like (width wise) at our site. I don't want to do TOO much decorating, because the chapel is so pretty already with brick floors and stained glass. I'm just not sure if I should use ivory or brown.

I'm interested if you guys have any other ideas? Or pics you have come across?
And are you decorating every row, or every other? I'm leaning towards every other.
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Re: Pew decorations

  • I found this site: http://www.save-on-crafts.com

    Has anyone ever gotten anything from there? I found satin chair sashes, and they have champagne/ivory (which are both colors we are using) and brown. I wonder how difficult it would be to layer them and tie them together. They also have organza sashes.

    What do you think?


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  • I am soooo addicted to save on crafts. I LOVE all of their items! I ordered a couple of things from them about a week or two ago, and everything worked out fine. I would probably order whichever color will contrast with the pews themselves. (ex: if the pews are dark wood, get the ivory, if they are light wood, get the brown). I would also do every other instead of every single pew. Not only does it cost half as much, it won't look as busy. Maybe order one or two for now to see how you like them in person...
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  • I'm glad to hear you've used that site before! I always get nervous about ordering from someplace I've never heard of before. And good thinking about the dark/light wood too. I'm going to find a pic of the chapel right now, I can't remember off the top of my head what it looks like.

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  • Those are really cute. Great find.

    I love that they are simple but still really pretty. I'm not crazy about premade bows either
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  • I am doing tulle bows on the back of the chairs on the aisles, but I am only doing every other row.
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  • Love the website. They have so many cute items. I almost feel crafty.
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    I love the idea. I would choose ivory it'll pop against any brown shades of wood.Plus a good way to incorporate both of your colors.
  • I hate bows on pews.  They just remind me of something out of the 80's.
    Right now, we are leaning towards doing stalks of wheat tied to the pews, but now that I've seen your idea, I'm reconsidering.  I like what you picked, they are simple but elegant.  Our pews are very dark so throwing some bright colored sashes would really lighten it up.

    I do know that we'll be doing every other pew though, that much I know.

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  • I think that the sashes look so elegant and beautiful!!! (and so much better than just a bow!)
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  • I found this site selling them as well they are the satin ones if anyone is interested.

    They are only 99 cents!

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